are wrist rests good for typing

Are Wrist Rests Good for Typing? 2022 Detailed Guide

Nowadays, wrist pain is a pervasive problem, and many office workers are facing this issue as they will spend many hours on the keyboard for typing. Keeping in mind your needs best keyboard wrist rests are available in the market to reduce your wrist pain. So many office workers and typists ask this question is that are wrist rests good for typing?

Yes! Wrist rests are good for typing, and it proves to be a very effective tool to prevent you from wrist pain. The important thing you need to keep in mind is that wrist rests prevent you from wrist pain, but you also type with natural hand and wrist position. Therefore, if you are an office worker and working as a typist, buying the best wrist rest for the keyboard is very beneficial.

In this guide, we come up with a detailed guide about whether should I use a wrist rest for typing. Also, here you get the best guide of what is the best hand and wrist position for typing.

What is the Reason for Wrist Pain?

Most users and typists feel wrist pain, but they are not well aware of the main reason for pain. Two main reasons that may cause wrist pain that is your keyboard using posture and sitting position. During typing, if you are not using a keyboard properly and your sitting posture is not good, it will cause wrist pain.

On the other hand, if your wrist and hand positions are good and still you are facing a wrist pain problem, it may cause another reason. If you maintain the wrist’s natural position, if you can’t properly and firmly feet the wrist on the ground, it is another biggest reason for the wrist pain.

Hope you are now well aware of why are your wrists in pain? After reading the reasons mentioned above.

Are Wrist Rests Good for Typing?

Do you need a wrist rest for typing? So, the straightforward answer is that it all depends upon your circumstances. As we mentioned above, wrist pain depends on your sitting posture and keyboard-using way.

If you are working for long periods using keyboards so choosing the wrist rest is an excellent choice. The best wrist rest allows you to type for extended periods without any wrist pain or any discomfort. Sometimes it often happens that you can easily prevent wrist pain after changing your sitting position.

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Therefore, if you can change your sitting position and don’t feel pain inside your wrist while typing, you don’t need to buy any additional writs rest. On the other hand, even if you feel pain inside your wrist after changing your sitting posture, you need to consider a wrist rest.

In the end, according to our recommendation buying the best writs rest is a good decision for you and the wrist rests are good for typing. It will not only protect you from wrist pain, but also it will increase your productivity and typing speed.

Keyboard Wrist Rest Good or Bad

keyboard wrist rest good or bad

If you are thinking about buying a keyboard wrist rest, the question that comes to your mind is that keyboard wrist rests are good or bad. Therefore, before buying a keyboard wrist rests, it is imperative for you to know the advantages and disadvantages of wrist rest.

Before knowing the benefits and drawbacks of the keyboard, wrist rests, you also need to keep in mind some essential things. First, you need to keep in mind that keyboard wrist rest prevents carpal tunnel or wrist pain, but you also need to consider your sitting and standing position during typing.

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Advantages of Keyboard Wrist Rests

  • Keyboard Wrist Rests Allow you to Type for Long Hours
  • Reduce the Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Issue and Wrist Pain
  • Wrist Rests Take Pressure Off of Your Shoulders
  • Increase Your Typing Efficiency
  • Offers Better and Inclined Wrist Posture
  • Help to Keep Your Muscles from Getting Tight
  • Eliminates Many Headaches and Neck Aches
  • Keep the Wrist from Bending Backward

Disadvantages of Keyboard Wrist Rests

  • Some Keyboard Wrist Rests Too Bulky
  • Bulky Wrist Rests May Cause Wrist to Flex Forward
  • Keyboard Wrist Rest with Sharp Edges May Uncomfortable

Above are some of the benefits and drawbacks of the keyboard wrist rests that prove to be helpful for you during buying a wrist rest. Keyboard wrist rests are very beneficial for you in many terms, but you also need to consider some of the drawbacks before buying it.

Finally, after keeping in mind all of the benefits and drawbacks, the keyboard wrist rests are good for your health.

What is the Best Position for Your Wrists While Typing?

Can Keyboard Wrist Rests Prevent Carpal Tunnel

If you spend a lot of time typing, it is imperative for you to know that the best keyboard and mouse position for typing. In addition, to type for an extended period, you need to keep in mind two crucial factors that will allow you to type without any discomfort.

  1. Use Keyboard with Safe Typing Posture
  2. Workstation Ergonomics

These are the 2 important factors that you need to keep in mind if you are thinking about what is the safest way to sit at a computer while typing? Here you get to see the detailed guide about the best wrist & body position during typing and let you know about the workstation ergonomics.

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Safe Typing Posture

Safe typing posture is very important if you want to prevent carpal tunnel during typing. So, here we come up with the 4 points that you can follow to avoid wrist pain, and it will also increase typing accuracy.

  • Arms Position

To get a better typing experience without wrist pain, you need to adjust the chair and keyboard height as your elbow is at a 90-degree angle, and both arms are close to the sides. You need to keep your arms calm and in a relaxed posture. On the other hand, if you feel uncomfortable and your shoulders are hunched towards your ears, you need to raise the chair height.

  • Wrist and Hands

If you want to prevent wrist pain, keep in mind that your wrist should be floating above and parallel to the keyboard. Always keep the wrist straight when you are typing on the keyboard, and fingers are curved over the keys.

  • Head Position

When you are using the keyboard for typing, a better head position is imperative. Always keep in mind that your head is focused on the screen, and if you want to turn your head back, you need to improve your touch-typing skills.

Workstation Ergonomics

What is the safest way to sit at a computer while typing

The wrist rest performs well to prevent you from wrist pain, but you also keep in mind some workstation ergonomics. Even if you are using wrist rest, but the workstation posture is not good, we recommend you improve it because of your efficient typing experience.

  • Keyboard and Mouse Position

When you are using the keyboard and mouse so always keep in mind that both are close together. Always avoid bending your wrist sharply upward or downward when you are using the keyboard for typing.

  • Chair and Desk

If you want to protect your carpal tunnel and wrist from pain, you need to buy a chair with height adjustment and lower back. The next step is to choose the desk for the keyboard that comes with the perfect height for proper typing position. When you are buying a keyboard desk, you need to keep in mind that it has an adjustable tray.

  • Regular Break

We recommend you take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes if you are suffering from wrist pain. After 30 minutes, stand up and stretch your body as it will allow you to type with full of energy. You can also drink a glass of water that will keep you hydrated as well.


Hope that now you get the detailed answer about “are wrist rests good for typing?” by keeping the steps mentioned above. Wrist rests are a very effective tool for those who spend the whole day in front of the keyboard and computer. When you are typing on the keyboard using a wrist rest, it will prevent wrist pain and increase typing efficiency and accuracy.

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Above, you also get to guide about what are the benefits and drawbacks of the keyboard wrist rests. In the end, keyboard wrist rests are very effective for typists and office workers, and the final answer is that wrist rests are good for typing.