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Top 10 Best Office Keyboard Under 100 in 2022

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If you are a person whose job is to type a lot, you should have a comfortable keyboard that helps you type smoothly and super-fast. Indeed, the selection of a perfect keyboard that features support and aids your typing experience. If you are on a tight budget and want the best office keyboard under 100, you came to the right place.

We have tested many keyboards in the market and selected the super classic ones to satisfy your requirements. For sure, you will find them cheaper in rates but are capable of competing for any expensive keyboard in the market.

Here is the list of our selected items that will give you long durability, the best features, and a great typing experience.

1. Rosewill Best Office Keyboard Under 100 with Cherry MX Switches

100% Cherry MX Brown Switches

At first glance, you can find this keyboard with 100% cherry MX brown switches that give you satisfied tactile feedback on every tap. The outstanding feature of these switches is that they give you precise and fast response time during typing. If you use this keyboard as a gamer, then the keyboard’s N-key rollover function is especially for you.

Durable Office Keyboard

Typing on this keyboard will help you stabilize this keyboard from sliding because it comes with rubber pads on the bottom. Also, this keyboard looks very durable and offers you 50-million clicks gaming-grade lifetime feature. Another great feature of this keyboard is getting to see the gold-cross point contacts with the cherry unique protected principle that makes it the perfect keyboard for office use.

USB and PS2 Connectors

Also, inside this keyboard, you get the USB and PS2 connector that is very beneficial to keep the keyboard corrosion-free and deliver low latency. It will give you direct control during office work due to the multimedia keys. You can also get shortcut keys on the keyboard like Play/Pause, Back, Forward, Volume Up, and Volume down.

Finally, if you are looking for a professional office and gaming keyboard with durable chassis, the Rosewill mechanical keyboard is perfect for you.

  • Comes with 100% Cherry Brown MX SwitchesnDelivers Fast and Precise ResponsenOffers Great Tactile FeedbacknComes with Multi-Media Keys TechnologynOffers Gaming Grade Life-Time TechnologynPS2 and USB Connectors Resist CorrosionnN-Key Rollover Function Specially for GamersnRubber Pads on Bottom of the Keyboardn
  • Made by Very Cheap PlasticnDelivers Incredibly Solid Feeln

2. Cooler Master CK552 Best Office Keyboard Under 100 Dollars

On the Fly Control

When you are using this keyboard in your office, you don’t need any driver or software to install it. Inside, you get to see on-the-fly control technology that makes the real-time adjustment to lighting. Therefore, this keyboard delivers excellent performance and fast response time when you are typing on it.

RGB Backlighting Feature

This keyboard especially highlights all your dominating killstreaks when you are using it inside your office. The reason behind this feature is that it comes with advanced RGB backlighting technology. On top of this keyboard, you get the per-key LEDs with multiple lighting effects and modes. Thus, you get a fantastic feeling due to the RGB impact when you are using this keyboard.

Red Mechanical Switches

This keyboard offers outstanding performance during office work and delivers excellent rapid response time if you use it during playing games. The reason behind the best and fast response time is that it comes with durable red mechanical switches. These red mechanical switches and RGB technology make it perfect if you are even using it at night.

Easy to Use with Aluminum Design

Another great feature of this keyboard that sets it apart from others is its easy-to-use feature. Inside, you get a map of 16.7 million color and lighting modes on every key, and you can easily adjust the various lighting modes as per your needs. Also, this keyboard is built with functionality in mind and comes with a brushed aluminum minimalist design.

In the end, the Cooler Master CK552 keyboard is the perfect choice for you if you want to use it in the office or even for gaming because it comes with floating keycaps.

  • Delivers Rapid Response for GamersnOffers RGB Multiple Lighting ModesnComes with fly Control TechnologynKeyboard is Easy to UsenBrushed Aluminum Minimalist DesignnBest Software CustomizationnAvailable in Reasonable Pricen
  • Various Lighting effects are UnresponsivenKeyboard Doesn’t Work with KVMn

3. HyperX Alloy Origins Core Best Cheap Office Keyboard Tenkeyless

Durable Aluminum Body

At first sight, you get this keyboard with a durable aluminum body that prevents it from breaking. This aluminum body is specially built with Full aircraft-grade materials proves to be best to keep it safe in every condition. You get to see the hyper X mechanical switches specially rated for 80 million keystrokes on the top of this keyboard.

RGB Lighting with Dynamic Effect

If you are a gamer or an office worker by having this keyboard, you are not at a loss because it comes with great RGB backlighting technology. Due to this technology and feature, you can efficiently work on it even during the night and type any key correctly. The RGB lighting you get to see inside this keyboard specially offers you the dynamic effect that provides a next-level beauty effect.

Ultra-Compact and Portable Design

You can easily carry this keyboard during traveling from office to home quickly because it comes with a portable and ultra-compact design. This keyboard’s outstanding feature is that you can also see the detachable USB Type-C cable inside to enhance the keyboard’s connectivity.

We especially recommend buying HyperX Alloy Origins Core cheap keyboard under 100 because it is suitable for office workers due to the durable mechanical switches.

  • Comes with HyperX Mechanical SwitchesnOffers Ultra-Compact and Durable DesignnComes with Detachable CablenOffers RGB Lighting Technology with Dynamic EffectsnAdvanced Customization FeaturenComes with Full Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Bodyn
  • The Board Doesn’t Have Controller LoadednTerrible Softwaren

4. Redragon K552 Best Mechanical Keyboard for Office Use

Tenkeyless Compact Mechanical Keyboard

This keyboard comes with linear switches that prove to be best for you as to when you are typing on it, you get minimal resistance without the tactile bump feeling. This keyboard is also known as a tenkeyless compact mechanical keyboard, and the small compact switches come with a dustproof feature. Therefore, due to these small compact switches design delivers quiet click sound and fast response time.

Keyboard with Anti Ghosting Technology

It is one of the best keyboards for office use that comes with anti-ghosting technology with 87 keys. You can find this keyboard in splash-proof ergonomic design, and the 12 multimedia keys of this keyboard come with a splash-proof feature. You get a reliable connection with your PC because inside this keyboard, you can see the high-speed corrosion-free USB connector.

Rainbow RGB Lighting Feature

This keyboard is also known as the best RGB backlighting keyboard because inside, you get to see the 19 different lighting effects. You can use this keyboard even in the dark while working or playing games because you get to see the multiple brightness levels inside. Also, the speed precision-engineered keycaps of this keyboard deliver uniform crystal-clear backlighting.

Lastly, if you are looking for a keyboard that you can use as an office worker or a gamer, then the Redragon K552 keyboard is specially manufactured.

  • Keyboard is Capable of Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XPnComes with Ergonomic DesignnComes with RGB Rainbow Lighting FeaturesnTenkeyless Compact Mechanical Office KeyboardnMade by High-Quality Durable MetalnComes with 12 Multi-Media Keyboard KeysnOffers Splash-Proof and Corrosion Free Designn
  • Difficult to type Fast with this keyboardnLoud and Clanky Keyboard Keysn

If you have long nails and your job is to type faster check out our list of the best keyboards for long nails

5. DIERYA DK61E Office Keyboard Under $100

60% Classic Compact Keyboard Design

As you know, that compact keyboard is essential if you want to use it during office time. Therefore, this keyboard fulfills all your goals because you get it with a 60% classic compact design that proves to be best for home and office use. It gives more space to your desktop because it comes without a Numpad but proves to be the practical keyboard for gamers and typists.

Waterproof Circuit Board

The unique and significant feature that makes this keyboard perfect is that it comes with a waterproof circuit board. The circuit you get to see inside this keyboard is specially certified by IPX4. Therefore, you can drink more freely and enjoy food without any hesitation during working. The keyboard interface is not waterproof, but you can easily clean this keyboard without any issue.

PBT Double Shot Keycaps

Using this keyboard during the office to get the best typing and gaming experience due to the oil-proof feature. Inside this keyboard, wear-resistance and hardness look much higher than the ABS keys of the keyboard. You don’t need any software to install this keyboard, and this keyboard meets all your needs.

Therefore, if you want to realize your endless imagination, then the DIERYA DK61E keyboard is the perfect choice for you.

  • Hot Swapped FunctionnPerfect Size and Compact DesignnWaterproof Circuit BoardnDouble Shot KeycapsnKeyboard Realize your Endless ImaginationnVery Easy to Clean the KeyboardnType-C Connection Response Time: 1msnComes with 61 Keysn
  • Not Comes with Power SwitchesnLack of User Manual and Driversn

6. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum Keyboard for Office Use

Romer-G Mechanical Switches Keyboard

The special Romar-G mechanical switches of this keyboard prove to be best for you, making it the fastest keyboard ever. These mechanical switches allow you to get a 25% faster actuation performance when using this keyboard during office work or playing games. Another excellent feature of this switch is that it delivers quick response time feature technology, and you can quickly type faster on it.

9 Customizable G-Keys Feature

This keyboard’s outstanding feature makes it different from others seeing the 9 customizable G keys inside. These keys are specially placed at a position that gives you accessibility and delivers optimal speed features. Also, these customizable G-Keys can be assigned commands per profile, and you can quickly type on this keyboard during working.

Beautiful RGB Color Lighting Technology

Every key of this keyboard provides a palette of up to 16 million colors. The beautiful color lighting technology of this keyboard has intelligent RGB illumination customize Orion spectrum. Each keyboard’s key is entirely illuminated with 16MM color lighting that gives you a beautiful view of using it in the dark.

Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum keyboard is a perfect keyboard for office use because you can see the dedicated media control technology inside.

  • ARX Control Integration Smartphones and TabletsnOffers RGB Backlighting FeaturenDedicated Media Control OptionsnCustomizable G-keys Orion Spectrum’snOffers Durability at 70 Million KeystrokesnComes with Mechanical SwitchesnBest Response Timen
  • LG Hub Not Install in Windows 10nThe Wrist Angle is Bad for Some Usersn

7. Corsair K63 Compact Mechanical Office Keyboard Under 100 Dollars

Anti-Ghosting Technology with Full Key Revolver

If you are an office worker or a gamer, this keyboard is especially for you because it comes with 100% anti-ghosting technology with the full key revolver. You don’t need to worry about this keyboard if you want to register keystrokes with fast gaming actions. When you press the keys of this keyboard, it always records the way you intended.

Deliver Ultimate Performance

The great thing about this keyboard is that it delivers 100% Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches. This keyboard comes with Gold contact Cherry MX mechanical gaming key switches that prove to be best for you as it delivers ultimate performance. Also, it offers a competitive advantage even if you are using it in the office or during playing games.

Compact and Tenkeyless Design

If you are a person who wants to use a keyboard during traveling, then this keyboard is perfect for you. This keyboard’s significant reason that makes it different from others is that it offers a compact tenkeyless design. Also, you get to see the LED backlighting and large font keycaps on the top of these keyboard keys.

In the end, Corsair K63 compact mechanical keyboard is the perfect choice for you if you are an office worker because it delivers excellent performance during fast typing.

  • Gold Contact Mechanical Gaming KeysnLarge Fonts Keycap with RGB Lighting FeaturenNo Software or CD Required to Install the Drivern100-Anti-Ghosting TechnologynVolume and Multimedia ControlnDelivers Ultimate Performance in Office UsenComes with Compact and Portable Designn
  • Cable Takes Up Only 2 USB CablesnNot More Ergonomic Designn

8. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 Keyboard for Gaming and Office Use

Gold Coated Mechanical Switches

At first glance, this keyboard gives you the ultimate performance during office working because it comes with the CHERRY MX RGB mechanical key switches with gold contacts. The most prominent feature of these mechanical switches is that it delivers fast and rapid response time. Therefore, this keyboard gives you the competitive advantage of mechanical keys.

Multimedia and Volume Control Technology

Using this keyboard during office working or playing any game gives you a great feature as you can directly adjust the volume without interrupting your game. Using the dedicated volume and media control, you can easily adjust the volume using the keyboard keys. Also, you get unlimited possibilities and intelligent control by using because it is manufactured with legendry quality.

RGB Backlighting Dynamic Lighting

This keyboard is the perfect choice for you because it delivers unlimited virtual customization technology. On the top of the keyboard keys, you get per-key RGB backlighting technology that gives you dynamic and vibrant lighting effects. Also, this keyboard comes with the full-system lighting synchronization feature, so you can quickly type on it even if you are working in the dark.

Finally, as a gamer or an office worker, if you are looking for a keyboard that delivers outstanding performance, so CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2 keyboard is perfect for you.

  • Vivid Dynamic Lighting Control FeaturenGold Contact Mechanical SwitchesnDedicated Volume Control and MultimedianDelivers Ultimate PerformancenAdjust Audio Directly with KeyboardnOffers Virtually Unlimited Customizationn
  • Spacebar is Annoying and ObnoxiousnStart Typing Multiple Letter at Same Timen

9. Thermaltake Tt eSports Poseidon Z Cheap Office Keyboard

Anti-Ghosting Function

Inside this keyboard, you get to see the anti-ghosting technology that proves to be best if you are a person who types fast. This keyboard comes with the 6-8 key Rollover function that allows you to hit keys combination at once. This keyboard’s outstanding feature that set it apart from other keyboard is that it comes with the disable window’s key function.

Fully Backlit Function Technology

When you press the keys when you are typing on this keyboard, you can get the tactile feeling on every tap. Inside this keyboard, you see the leading mechanical blue/brown switch that delivers tactile feedback. Also, you can efficiently work even in the dark or at night because this keyboard has fully backlit function keys. Using this keyboard, you can enjoy a gamer because it delivers fast and rapid response time.

Accessible Media Switches Keys

You can get this keyboard with fully backlit technology because you get to see the LED under every keycap. It is the best keyboard for office use because inside, you can see the 4 levels of adjustable brightness via the Fn (function) + F11/F12 keys. Another great feature of this keyboard is that you can easily control volume and media player anytime using Fn (function) + F1-F7 key.

Thus, due to the accurate feeling and fastest response time Thermaltake Tt eSports Poseidon Z keyboard is the best and perfect for office use.

  • Comes with Tt Certified Blue KeycapsnAnti-Ghosting Function TechnologynOffers Fully-Backlit KeyboardnDelivers 5 Year WarrantynComes with Accessible Media KeysnOffers Disable Windows Key Functionn
  • Keys are Not ResponsivenFairly Ergonomic Designn

10. Logitech G910 Orion Spectrum RGB Keyboard for Office Use

25% Faster Mechanical Switches Keyboard

As an office worker, you are using this keyboard to type fast, because it delivers a 25% faster response time and actuation. This keyboard’s outstanding feature comes with the exclusive Romer-G mechanical switches that provide a satisfying feeling on every tap. In terms of compatibility, this keyboard can work with windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

RGB Customizable Backlighting Technology

Find the right keys in the darkness of night due to this keyboard because it comes with the RGB customizable backlighting technology. Each keycap you get to see on the top of this keyboard offers a palette of 16.8 million colors. Therefore, this keyboard is perfect for office workers as well as for gamers.

Ultra-Light and Compact Design

This keyboard comes with a tenkeyless design that proves to be best for all office workers who can travel every day. Also, this keyboard is perfect for small gaming spaces. It will meet all you need because it comes with a compact and ultra-light design and proves to be a portable keyboard for you.

Finally, Logitech G410 Atlas is the best cheap office keyboard under 100 dollars that delivers convenient performance when you are typing on it.

  • Comes with Mechanical Switches Up to 25% FasternRGB Customizable Backlighting FeaturenCompatible Keyboard for Windows 10, 8, and 7nUltra-Light, Compact, and Easy to Carry DesignnPerfect Keyboard for Small Gaming SpacesnFind the Right Keys Even in Dark with this Keyboardnn
  • Made by Cheap PlasticnDoesn’t Work with World of Craft Gamen


Hope you are familiar with all the best office keyboard under $100 mentioned above that offers fast and rapid response time when you are typing on it. These keyboards especially build to meet all your office needs and deliver ultimate performance at a reasonable price.

After looking at all these keyboards for office use, if you are still confused about which keyboard is perfect and best, you don’t need to worry with us. We recommend buying Rosewill Best Office Keyboard because it is a budget-friendly keyboard and comes with unique and outstanding features. Therefore, if you can buy this keyboard, you are not at a loss, and your selection proves to be best for your profession.

Finally, hope this guide proves to be the best and helpful for you, and you can easily conclude as which keyboard is perfect that meets all your needs.