how to make a wired keyboard wireless

How to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless? 2021 Perfect Guide

Keyboards come in various shapes, designs, layouts, and types that give you a distinct feeling when typing or gaming. Therefore, finding the right keyboard is a very daunting task and not easy for you. If you have found a keyboard that meets all your needs but comes with some limitations, this may be a problem for you. The most common limitation is that it is not wireless, and you can only use it by plugging in.

Now don’t lose hope and don’t worry because you will be provided with a detailed guide about how to make a wired keyboard wireless? You do not need to be an engineer to turn any wired keyboard into a wireless keyboard, and you don’t need any experience. This article will learn about how you can convert a wired keyboard into a wireless.

Advantages of Wireless Keyboard

Before we know how to convert a wired keyboard into a wireless keyboard, we need to know the benefits of a wireless keyboard. Below are some of the benefits of having a wireless keyboard to improve your work faster and quicker.

how to make a wired keyboard wireless
  • You can carry a wireless keyboard anywhere, and it will be your partner on your business trip.
  • It takes up less space on your work desk, so you can work on a smaller desk and feel comfortable during typing and operating.
  • If you are using a computer inside a public library, a wireless keyboard is essential because a wired keyboard is difficult to connect with these computers.
  • It maintains cleanliness above your desk and increases your productivity by eliminating wire clutter etc.
  • Wired keyboards increase the risk of breakage, and your keyboard soon becomes useless, so you don’t see this problem inside the wireless keyboard.
  • You can move the wireless keyboard to exactly where you want to sit and work in a comfortable environment.
  • Using a wireless keyboard is exceptionally beneficial for you as it saves you from many diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome, general soreness, and wrists/hands pain issue.
  • The wireless keyboard allows you to work in a quiet environment and use the keyboard in any position you want.
  • Another great advantage of a wireless keyboard is connecting it to your computer and your tablet, laptop, mobile, etc.
  • As you know, you can use it from a distance, so it also protects you from the dangerous rays emanating from the computer screen.
  • Wireless keyboards are available to you with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, and you can choose and use them as you wish.

Also, to all these features and benefits, if you have a wired keyboard that is the best and meets all your needs, you can make it wireless keyboard by following some simple steps.

How to Make a Wired Keyboard Wireless?

Converting any wired or USB keyboard to a wireless keyboard is not a difficult or dangerous process. The power outage ends when you disconnect your wired keyboard from your computer, and you can use the screwdriver without any tension. Below is a step-by-step guide that you can follow to convert your wired keyboard to a wireless keyboard easily.

First, you need to make sure your wireless keyboard is unplugged from your computer. When you make sure, you can protect yourself from shock and protect your computer from accidental breakdowns. To convert a wired keyboard to a wireless keyboard, move your keyboard to a bright table and place it.

The most important thing that makes any wired keyboard wireless is that you need a USB-compatible microcontroller. You have to insert this microcontroller inside the USB port available on the top of the wired keyboard. If the USB port does not exist, you need to open the keyboard using a screwdriver.

how to make a wireless keyboard wired

It is effortless to open the keyboard because it is held together with a handful of screws, and it is not an arduous process. After opening the keyboard, make sure that all the screws you have opened are not lost as you have to close the keyboard again using them.

The USB-compatible microcontroller inserted inside your wired keyboard allows your keyboard to be connected to your computer. With this USB-compatible microcontroller, you get a sister microcontroller. You need to plug it into the computer’s USB slot to get the connection between both devices.

Unfortunately, there is no solution other than this microcontroller to convert wired keyboard into wireless. So, you must buy these two radio transmitter microcontrollers for separate devices so that you can easily convert wired keyboard into wireless.

This microcontroller enables you to send a signal to the computer’s transmitter. Therefore, when you press any keystroke on the keyboard, it will allow you to see the action on the top of the computer screen.

Make sure the transmitter you are installing inside the keyboard has the same frequency on both transmitters so that it can work. For connection, you need to connect the wires coming out of the microcontroller inside to the place where the keyboard’s existing wire is connected. You can use a soldering iron to join the cables.

Finally, after fitting this microcontroller inside the keyboard, the keyboard’s back will have to be closed again with a screw using a screw driver. Now all you have to do is insert the Sister Microcontroller inside the computer slot, and you will make wired keyboard wireless without any hesitation.

Note: The keyboard often does not work even after the controller is installed on both devices. One of the primary reasons behind this problem is the unequal frequency. Therefore, make sure that both microcontrollers have the same frequency and recheck the keyboard.

Finally, hope that you can get the answer about how to make a USB keyboard wireless. All these steps are straightforward, and by following them, you can quickly turn your wired keyboard into wireless without any effort.

How to Make a Wired Gaming Keyboard Wireless with Bluetooth?

If you do not want to use a Wi-Fi USB microcontroller, you have another option that allows you to make the wired keyboard wireless easily. To accomplish this, you insert a Bluetooth dongle into the USB slot at the top of your keyboard. You can use it by connecting the keyboard to your laptop or computer via Bluetooth after installing it.

You may also encounter the problem that there is no USB slot on top of your wired keyboard. Thus, you have to buy a separate USB port from the market and connect it after opening the keyboard’s backside using the soldering iron.

When you connect the USB port instead of the keyboard wire, you can easily use the keyboard on your computer using a Bluetooth dongle. After following this method hope you get the answer about making wired keyboard wireless using Bluetooth technology.

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Common Problems with Making Wired Keyboard Wireless?

When you are converting a wired keyboard into a wireless keyboard, you may encounter various difficulties, which are mentioned below.

USB Cord Unplugging Issue

It can be a big problem when you unplug your keyboard’s USB cord to insert a USB port or USB microcontroller. Whatever wired keyboard you are using, it is often the case that it is easily unplugged. Unfortunately, many required soldering iron to separate the USB cord from inside the keyboard.

Battery Issue

As you know, you are converting a wired keyboard to a wireless keyboard, so you do not get a battery inside it. Another big problem is that you must fit the battery with your USB microcontroller and leave space for regular charging. Therefore, it can often be difficult for you to figure out how to make a frame for fitting a battery inside your wired keyboard.

Frequency Controlling Issue

The most common problem when you convert a wired keyboard to a wireless keyboard is managing the frequency. If both microcontrollers do not have the same frequency, they will not be able to make the best connection with each other. Therefore, you will have trouble typing or using the keyboard.

How to Make a Wireless Keyboard Wired?

The most frequently asked question is that how to make wired keyboard wireless? In the same way, the question is asked how to make a Bluetooth wireless keyboard wired? Yes, it is not so difficult to do, and you are told the complete method below.

  • First of all, you will need the wireless keyboard you want to make it wired, and you have to open its back cover.
  • Inside its PCB board connection, you have to find the two wires of the USB microcontroller.
  • Then you will need any useless and old keyboard or mouse wire that you will use to make the wireless keyboard into a wired keyboard.
  • Now you need to connect the ends of this wire to the top of this PCB board using a soldering iron.
  • You need to close the back cover of the keyboard and insert the wire into your computer USB port.

Finally, by following all the steps mentioned above, you can easily convert your wired keyboard into wireless.


Hope that you are familiar with how to make a wired keyboard wireless? by following all the methods above. To accomplish this goal, you don’t need to become an expert or engineer to do it. You follow all the techniques, and you will not convert wired keyboard into wireless but also make wireless keyboard into wired.

In the end, hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and your concern about converting wireless keyboard into wired will be gone.

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