5 Best Keyboards for Long Nails 2022

Typing or gaming with long nails can be one hell of a nuisance. It’s really hard to keep your typing accurate with long nails, especially with keyboards that have large switches and deep actuation points. 

So if you’re someone who’s not ready to give up their love for long nails, you can easily find keyboards that make typing almost effortless even with long nails. 

Of course these keyboards are not advertised particularly for long nails but we know for a fact that low profile keyboards with shallow actuation points work wonders for long nails. These keyboards do not hinder your typing accuracy or speed and keep the nails strain free as well. 

And that is exactly what the following 5 keyboards have to offer. So go on, check them out and do yourself and your nails a favour!

Which are the best keyboards for long nails?

1. Arteck HW192 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

  • Backlight: No
  • Type: Wireless 
  • Connectivity: USB Dongle
  • Switches: Scissor Switch

This keyboard by Arteck is one of the best keyboards out there. It is a full size keyboard that boasts a sleek design and offers a comfortable typing experience. What makes this keyboard a perfect option for long nails is its low profile design. The keys require minimal effort for each click ensuring comfort for your fingertips. 

The keyboard is quite roomy and there’s adequate space between the keys that ensures accurate typing even with long nails. The typing is smooth and the keys deliver tactile feedback. 

The low profile keys of this keyboard are whisper quiet which makes them great for typists at work. 

The connectivity is super easy. You’ll just have to insert the USB Dongle in the mouse which also comes included in the package, and your system should detect it within seconds.

The thin and lightweight yet durable construction of the keyboard gives it a premium and heavy duty feel. The battery life is quite impressive too. It can last up to 3 months with an average i hour use each day.

  • Ergonomic designnQuiet typing nLong lasting batteryn
  • Limited key traveln

2. Logitech MX Keys Advanced Keyboard 

  • Backlight: Yes
  • Type: Wireless 
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Switches: MX Key Switches

This Logitech keyboard is a versatile device with ultimate user comfort and a zero hassle connectivity. 

The keyboard boasts a short pre-travel distance due to the excellent scissor switches. You can enjoy a quick and smooth typing experience with minimal actuation force. The keyboard is super quiet and can be a great option for work environments.

The low profile design of the keyboard makes it a really good option for long nails, eliminating any interference with other keys while typing. The keyboard delivers responsive feedback with perfect stroke keys that are fluid and efficient.

The indented keys ensure a precise typing with increased key stability, making it easier for you to orient your fingers. Also, the dished design of the keys provide an effortless typing experience.

Additionally, the keyboard features a smart backlighting feature that illuminates keys to help you work even in low lights. The keyboard can connect up to 3 devices at once and holds up the battery for quite a long time. 

Connectivity is convenient, requires no drivers and is a plug and play interface.

  • Tactile feedback nSpherically dished keys allow accurate typingnMulti OS compatiblen
  • Heavy weight

3. Macally 2.4G Wireless Keyboard

  • Backlight: No
  • Type: Wireless 
  • Connectivity: Rf USB Receiver 
  • Switches: Scissor Switch Keys

This keyboard can be a great option for the ones looking for a compact and space saving design. It offers a comfortable and effortless typing experience with its scissor switch keys.

This keyboard again, boasts a low profile design which really works in the favour of people with long nails. You can enjoy a versatile typing experience with 78 slim keys that deliver smooth and quiet keystrokes.

The keyboard also comes with a kickstand that allows you to adjust angles and type comfortably. It delivers a smooth and tactile feedback that renders a satisfying typing experience.

Since the keyboard is a space saving design, it does not have a numeric pad. It takes minimal desk space. The keys have a low actuation force and require minimal effort for typing.

The large chiclet shaped keys are wonderfully responsive and can endure up to 100k keystrokes. The keyboard comes with 2 included batteries. 

Connectivity of the keyboard is absolutely hassle free. The battery lasts quite a long while, 2 to 3 month average.

  • Satisfactory key travelnLightweight and compactnSmooth typing n
  • Minor glitches are presentn

4. Logitech Ergo K860

  • Backlight: No
  • Type: Wireless
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and USB
  • Switches: Scissor Switches

This ergonomic keyboard by Logitech boasts an atypical construction with the keys split in two sections. 

The keyboard is built in a low profile design with tactile scissor switches that are quite responsive. Typing on this keyboard is quiet but not effortless. The actuation force is high so you’ll have to put in some force for accurate feedback. 

Since the keyboard is split in two halves, your typing experience may not be the best in the beginning. But as you get used to its design, you’ll notice the added comfort due to its unusual ergonomic design.

The low profile design is a star when it comes to typing with long nails. Apart from that, the keyboard is quite versatile in terms of connectivity. You can use either bluetooth or the USB dongle to connect it to your computer.

Additionally, it also has a non detachable wrist rest that ensures a comfortable typing experience. The build quality is mediocre with an all plastic design yet it is still quite durable. 

The battery life is beyond excellent with an 8+ months function on intense use.

  • Impressive ergonomic construction nImproved typing posturenExceptional battery life
  • High actuation force

5. E-YOOSO K600

  • Backlight: Yes
  • Type: Mechanical 
  • Connectivity: USB 
  • Switches: Outemu Black Switches

Lastly, we have a mechanical keyboard that delivers an outstanding typing performance. Apart from that, it serves as a perfect gaming keyboard as well.

It features 104 mechanical black switches that render an accurate response even during multiple keystrokes at a time. The anti ghosting keys ensure that every stroke is recorded, hence, making it ideal for typists and gamers.

The keyboard provides a smooth and easy key action. The actuation force is not high and requires little effort for a stroke. The keys are quite responsive with a low latency rate which makes it ideal for gaming.

However, this keyboard may not be suitable for office environments because it is a little too clicky. The clicky situation is actually ideal for people with long nails so you can easily tell whenever you have an extra key.

Anyway, the backlighting is sure to impress anyone out there. Each key is perfectly illuminated in a manner that its readability isn’t affected at all. 

Overall, it is a considerable option if you want an entry level mechanical keyboard.

  • Anti ghosting keys nInexpensivenSmooth typing n
  • Loud for work environments n

Best Keyboards for Long Nails: Buyer’s Guide 

Typing with long nails can be an absolute pain with all the inaccurately hit keys or fatigued fingertips due to high profile keyboards. But that doesn’t mean you should give up your nails. 

Instead you can look for keyboards with particular features and design that can eliminate these problems. Finding this specific type can be hard for manufacturers who do not advertise keyboards particularly for long nails. 

So we’ve listed a few features here that can give you some leads to find out the right keyboard for yourself.

Ergonomic Design

Keyboards with an ergonomic design make typing a lot easier than the ones with a traditional construction. If you’re someone with long nails, an ergonomic keyboard can benefit you in more than one way. 

It not only ensures a comfortable typing experience but also gives enough space on the keyboard that eliminates the problems related to long nails. Ergonomically designed keyboards minimize inaccurate strokes and allow you to adjust the keyboard according to your preference. 

The ergonomic design of a keyboard improves typing posture and hence, keeps your hands, arms, and shoulders fatigue free even after long work hours.

Keyboard Profile

A keyboard can be either low profile or high profile based on its height. The height of the keyboard depends on the design of the switches as well as keycaps. Anyway, a low profile keyboard is ideal for people with longer nails. 

This is particularly because your nails do not interfere with other keys as much because they’re not high. And so adequate space remains between your nail and other keys. 

Apart from that, low profile design is a lot more comfortable because you do not have to raise your hands a lot while typing. Hence, your hands and wrists are almost strain free, making long working or gaming sessions a lot less troublesome.

Non Slip Material 

Long nails and keycaps with a smooth and slick finish do not go well together. Nails slip over the keyboard a lot, especially if it’s not made of a non-slip material. 

So typing with long nails on a keyboard can be a lot of trouble. Therefore, you need to look for keyboards that feature a non slip material and offer better grip and stability over keycaps. 

Most keyboards on this list are at par with this requirement so you don’t need to worry actually!

Silent Typing 

The typing sound or clickiness of a keyboard depends majorly on the type of switches it utilizes. However, in case of long nails you need to pay additional attention to the fact that your keyboard should be silent when typing. 

The sound of a keystroke itself is quite enough so an additional sound of nails hitting the keys can be a lot more annoying. That means you need to look for keyboards that do not make a lot of noise, especially if you’re going to use them in a work environment. 

Keyboard Size

The size of the keyboard mainly depends on your preference. If you want a keyboard with a smaller footprint, then you may have to compromise on the numeric pad. Because most compact keyboards eliminate the number keys to save space. 

On the other hand, full size keyboards usually have a roomy layout. You get more space on the keyboard which actually works in favour of long nails as it minimizes interference with other keys.

Wired or Wireless

Well, this feature has got almost nothing to do with long nails. However, it still remains something that you should decide beforehand. 

Choosing a wired or wireless keyboard is really a matter of preference. The typing experience mainly depends on the quality of your keyboard and other features such as the type of switches, actuation force, latency rate, and responsiveness etc.

However, if you choose a wireless keyboard make sure it supports a long battery life otherwise you may have a poor experience with wireless keyboards. A good wireless keyboard should last at least 3 months with intense use.


What Type of Keyboard is Best for Long Nails?

Keyboards with a low profile design and non slip material are the best bet for people with long nails. Also, look for keyboards that deliver a silent typing experience otherwise you’ll end up annoying a lot of people around you. 

How to Type with Long Nails On Keyboard?

The best way to type with a long nail is to keep in mind that you can use fingers to type, not your fingernails, before typing. Remember reducing the typing speed prevents your nails from breaking.

Can You Use A Keyboard with Long Nails?

Yes, you can. First, you need to get your hands on the right type of keyboard. Look for a keyboard with the aforementioned features. And once you get used to typing with long nails, it won’t be a problem anymore.