Are Chiclet Keyboard Good for Typing

Are Chiclet Keyboard Good for Typing? 2022 Detailed Guide

Chiclet keyboards are similar to the membrane keyboard in design and function, but you see some minor differences. These keyboards are the most popular among all typists because not many users want to buy expensive mechanical keys. These keyboards are available for you at a reasonable price, but the question that comes to your mind is: are chiclet keyboard good for typing?

Chiclet keyboard is suitable for typing, but you need to keep in mind some important factors like the keyboard’s layout, key placement, and key types before buying it. Therefore, here you get the detailed guide about what chiclet keyboards are and what makes them different from others. Also, you get the comparison between the chiclet keyboard and other keyboards according to some unique features.

What is Chiclet Keyboard?

Chiclet keyboard is known as an island-style keyboard, and on the top of it, you get to see the thin, clean-cut keys, which are slightly spread out from one another. You get the plastic overlay covers on the top of the keys that offer you a smooth, virtually seamless surface due to the gaps between the keys. Therefore, when you compare the chiclet keyboard with a traditional keyboard, it is a more-space efficient and flatters the keyboard.

Most keyboard and laptop manufacturers use chiclet keyboards, and nowadays, you mostly get this keyboard in the notebook. The traditional keyboards are rarely used inside the laptop, and mostly you get to see it inside the computer keyboard because it comes at a low price. Overall, the chiclet keyboard is perfect for you in all terms, and below we will compare it from other keyboards.

Chiclet Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard

Chiclet Keyboard vs Normal Keyboard

Before comparing the keyboards, it is imperative to keep in mind that different keyboards have their unique features and benefits. Some keyboards are good for typing, some good for gaming, and some are excellent for general use. Let’s take a closer look at chiclet keyboards and normal keyboards on different factors.

Design and Figure

According build and design of both keyboards you get these keyboards with similar features except for some design elements. Let’s take a closer look at both the regular keyboard and chiclet keyboard in terms of design and figures.

  • Normal Keyboard

First of all, when we talk about the normal keyboard, you get to see two distinctive layers inside that include conductive trace and membrane sheet. Also, inside these keyboards, you get to see the individual pressure pad underneath each key.

Therefore, when you press the keys using the normal keyboard, it presses the pressure pad, and this pad contacts the conductive trace. In the end, when this conductive trace touches the membrane sheet, so the keystroke is registered.

  • Chiclet Keyboard

On the other hand, when it comes to the chiclet keyboard, you get it with the same design as a normal keyboard, but you don’t get to see the upper membrane layer inside. It does not come with the membrane layer, so it is perfect for you to provide excellent tactile feedback on every tap.

Keeping in mind the tactile feedback, design, and figure of both keyboards, so chiclet keyboards are perfect for you. Also, the question comes to your mind is that are chiclet keyboards faster? So, it offers you tactile feedback, and you can type fast and smoothly without any hesitation.


  • Chiclet Keyboards

At first glance, you get the chiclet keyboard in a compact and sleek design that comes with soft minimal keys. It is manufactured for users who work for the whole day, so people who use traditional keyboard may feel disoriented at first use. The outstanding feature of this keyboard in terms of look is that its simple design allows you to use it with full of ease.

  • Normal/Traditional Keyboards

When it comes to the traditional keyboard, these are little bit clunky, and on the other hand, the chiclet keyboard comes with an ultra-thin shape. It not only provides you tactile feedback, but it offers you the actual key position for your fingers. Therefore, its excellent look plays a fantastic role in enhancing your productivity, and you can type fast without any distractions.

Key Placement and Design

  • Normal Keyboards

On the top of the traditional keyboards, you get to see the dome-like switches and placed on the keyboard in separate large frames. The latter is printed on the traditional using printing and laser technology. All the keys of these keyboards are little close to one another and come with a slanting shape and slides.

  • Chiclet Keyboards

The excellent feature that makes it different from others is that all the chiclet keyboard keys are different. Conversely, when we talk about chiclet keyboards, you get them with clean-cut keys with stunning and unique features. Inside each key, you get to see the plastic that will prove to be perfect for increasing your typing experience.

Typing Experience

  • Chiclet Keyboards

Are chiclet keyboard good for typing? So, first of all, when we talk about the chiclet keyboards, so these are better for typing. On the top of these keyboards, you get to see the height of the minimal keys from the keyboard’s surface. The great thing about the chiclet keyboards is that they don’t need any little scale adjustment, and you get tactile feedback on every tap while typing.

On the other hand, we don’t consider all types of chiclet keyboards is better for typing. The kind of chiclet keyboards that come with ultra-thin units and don’t have enough surface space proves to be the worst for typing.  If you buy a Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, it provides you expectational typing experience with tactile feedback as on the top of it you get to see the chiclet keyboard.

  • Traditional Keyboards

When we compare the traditional keyboard with the chiclet keyboard, the normal keyboards’ keys come with more height. So, these keyboards provide you more key travel, and you get little tactility. You can’t type fast and smoothly, and you don’t get any pleasant typing experience on the traditional or regular membrane keyboards. The biggest reason that makes it the worst keyboard for typing is that you feel difficulty while registering the keystroke.

In the end, after thorough research and comparison, the chiclet keyboard is an ideal choice for typing, and a normal keyboard does not prove to be perfect for typing.

Chiclet Keyboard Vs Mechanical Keyboard

Chiclet Keyboard Vs Mechanical Keyboard

As we also mentioned above, all keyboards have their unique features, benefits, and drawbacks. Most users especially use mechanical keyboards for gaming, so the most question comes to your mind: Are Chiclet keyboards good for gaming? Therefore, here you get a detailed comparison between chiclet keyboards and mechanical keyboards as well as their benefits and drawbacks.

Most gamers use membrane keyboard for gaming so here you get the detailed guide about are membrane keyboard good for gaming?

  • Mechanical Keyboards

If you are a gamer, we recommend you buy mechanical keyboards as it comes with excellent features. The expectational feature of the mechanical keyboards is that if it broke due to some reason, you could quickly fix it. Also, while typing, you get satisfied tactile feedback on every tap but not as best as chiclet keyboards provide.

Its keys are manufactured with durable materials that mostly offer you 5 million keypresses. It comes with the longer lifespan and you can use it for even in heavy gaming and working sessions. Also, while using it, if the keys are not working, you can easily replace it with a new one and make your mechanical keyboard in the new form (how to remove keys from mechanical keyboards). In the end, you can also easily clean it without any hesitation.

On the other hand, the mechanical keyboards also have some shortcomings as they are available for you at a high nominal price that may disappoint you. Also, you can’t use it during traveling because it is a heavy keyboard, and you need wires to connect it with your laptop. Another worst thing about mechanical keyboards that maybe disappoint you is that it is not a fully silent keyboard.

  • Chiclet Keyboards

Chiclet keyboards are not the best for gaming, but they also have great benefits if you are looking for the best keyboard typing. The first excellent feature of the chiclet keyboards is that it is available for you at a reasonable price. Even if you buy the best chiclet keyboard, it comes in an affordable price tag compared to mechanical keyboards.

It is a portable keyboard for you as it comes with wireless technology and a lightweight design. The outstanding feature of this keyboard is it is travel-friendly keyboard and you can easily use it during traveling due to many reasons. You can use it for the whole day without feeling tired and disturbing your family as the chiclet keyboard is one of the best mute keyboards.

When we talk about the shortcoming of this keyboard so you can’t clean it properly because the space between the keys is low. Also, while typing and working, it is difficult for you to clean it and replace the keys if you broke it. In the end, the chiclet keyboard is not suitable for gaming, and you can’t enjoy it more while using a chiclet keyboard for gaming purpose

Our Verdict: Are Chiclet Keyboard Good for Typing?

In the end, according to our recommendation, the chiclet keyboard is best for typing, and you get satisfying and tactile feedback. As a typist, you can type for a long-time, so the outstanding feature of this keyboard is that it is a silent keyboard, and you can type fast and smooth. If you are working even during traveling, this portable chiclet keyboard is ideal for you.

We hope that you get a detailed answer about “is chiclet keyboard best for typing”? It makes your decision clear and best if you are thinking about buying a chiclet keyboard, mechanical keyboard, or membrane keyboard. In the end, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you.