why is my keyboard typing double letters

Why is My Keyboard Typing Double Letters? 5 Best Methods 2022

Whether you’re using Windows 7, Windows 10, or MacBook, you sometimes may have the problem of double letter pressing while typing. This problem can occur with a wired keyboard, a wireless keyboard, or a keyboard build-in laptop. Therefore, it is your biggest concern that “why is my keyboard typing double letters”? The keyboard plays a vital role whether you are using a PC or laptop because you can’t perform any task without the keyboard.

This issue could be occurring due to many problems, so it is crucial to know about the reason behind this double letter typing problem. First of all, we need to know about the issues, and then we distinguish how to solve them. Keeping in mind all your needs, here you get a detailed guide about how you can easily get rid of this problem without any hesitation.

Why is My Keyboard Typing Double Letters?

If your keyboard displays double letters while typing, there could be several reasons. Below are the reasons you get double latter during typing and can’t get productivity while working.

If your keyboard also typing double letter during working, there may be some reasons mentioned above.

How to Fix Keyboard Double Letters? 5 Ways

After knowing about keyboard typing double letters, it is imperative to understand how to fix this issue. Therefore, keeping in mind all your needs and this, we especially come with the 5 ways to solve them. By following all these methods, you can get rid of keyboard double letters typing issue and get back productivity during working and typing.

Before going to the solution, it is vital to analyze the cause or main origin of this keyboard typing extra letters problem. For this purpose, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open your laptop or PC and use the “on-screen keyboard” to figure out keys are working properly or not. If the keys are working properly by using an on-screen keyboard so it may be a hardware-related issue.
  • Secondly, check the keyboard outside the windows in the section of BIOS. If the keys are working correctly from outside the windows so it may be a window setting problem.

When you figure out the reason so follow the suitable methods mentioned below to fix these problems.

1. Restart your Laptop or PC

If you are doing multi-tasking and face keyboard typing extra letters problem the first time, you need to restart your laptop or PC. At this time, the conflict may occur between the driver and keyboard to cause multiple letters input.

All you have to do is hold the power button of the laptop or PC for 15 seconds, and all the electric power of the motherboard will be released. Your issue is resolved, and many peoples say that it proves to be a verified solution.

2. Check the Keyboard Driver

Another reason for keyboard typing double letters is due to the outdated or old driver of the keyboard. Therefore, here you need to make sure that your keyboard driver is updated. Here the thing to keep in mind is that the outdated and corrupted keyboard drivers need reinstallation.

To reinstall the keyboard driver, you need to follow this pattern using the Windows operating system. You need to open the device manager> Locate the keyboard driver> Right-click on the keyboard driver option> Click on Uninstall.

When you successfully uninstalled your keyboard driver, now you need to reboot your laptop or PC. After rebooting your keyboard driver is automatically installed and if it does not happen, try to use the driver tool downloader.

3. Check the Setting of the Keyboard

Double letter typing problem may be occurred due to the incorrect delay and repeat setting. By adjusting the keyboard setting, you can quickly get rid of this problem. As a Windows user, you need to follow this pattern to adjust the keyboard setting.

Open the control panel> right-click on the keyboard icon> click on properties> adjust here adjust the slider of repeat delay appropriately. To drag the repeat and delay slider, you can use the mouse, and after adjusting, click on apply changes.

4. Troubleshoot the Keyboard

Troubleshooting is the best way to resolve the keyboard double typing issue and any issue with the PC or laptop. Using this method will automatically detect all the problem occur inside your system and, after troubleshooting, it will automatically fix it.

To troubleshoot to get rid of the keyboard typing double letters problem, you need to go to the control panel> Open setting> Update and security> and click on troubleshoot. Look at the keyboard icon and right-click on it, and then run troubleshot.

Now, wait for the troubleshooting process, and following all the instructions, you can easily get rid of the keyboard extra letter pressing issue. When the process is complete, make sure you can restart your laptop or PC, and it is a maximum chance you can easily solve this issue.

5. Scan Operating System From Viruses

If you are facing a keyboard double letter pressing issue, another reason for this problem is that your system suffers from malware. Viruses are rearranging your keyboard keyloggers, and you get the extra letter pressing issue.

Therefore, to solve this problem, you need to use powerful antivirus software and detect malware. After cleaning all the malware inside the laptop and PC, restart it, and your double letter pressing issue will be resolved.

why is my keyboard typing double letters

In the end, if you follow these 5 methods mentioned above, you can get detailed answer of your concern about “why is my keyboard typing double letters windows 10 or windows 7”.

How Fix Keyboard Typing Double Letters on Mac?

MacOS operating system setting is different from the Windows operating system, so if you face typing the double letter on mac, you get the guide and solution here.

In the MacBook, you need to follow the pattern like, go to the Apple menu> Click on system preferences> Now go to the keyboard preferences panel> Here click on keyboard tab.

When you follow the pattern mentioned above by using the MacBook and open the keyboard tab, you need to find the “Key Repeat slider setting.” To get rid of the extra letters typing issue, you can adjust this slider to the off position. After doing all this process, exit it now, and your problem will be solved.

In addition, if you MacBook is Locked so here you get the detailed guide about how to unlock keyboard macbook air?


Why is my keyboard typing double letters? It is the biggest problem for many users, and it wastes a lot of time for office workers and various working peoples. It will play a significant role in decreasing your productivity. Therefore, keeping in mind all you need above, you get the top 5 best methods to get rid of the double typing letters problem.

By following all the methods mentioned above, even if you are using Windows or Mac operating system, all your worries will go. In the end, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and you can get a detailed answer about your query.