how to remove keys from mechanical keyboard

How to Remove Keys from Mechanical Keyboard? 3 Simple Steps

We use many devices in our daily routine, including the keyboard that performs various tasks. The keyboard gets dirty after some time of use; thus, it is imperative to clean it to be used for a long time. On the mechanical keyboard, you see the feature that you can remove its keys. Therefore, the question is asked by many peoples that how to remove keys from mechanical keyboard?

Removing the mechanical keyboard keys is not a very difficult process, but you have to follow some tricks and tips to remove them. Following these tricks, you can altogether remove or replace the mechanical keyboard keys yourself without any professional. Therefore, we need to know why we remove the mechanical keyboard keys before we know these tricks and methods.

Let’s find out what these methods are and why we remove keys from the mechanical keyboard.

Why Remove Keycaps of Mechanical Keyboard?

Whenever it comes to removing mechanical keyboard keys, it depends on 3 factors. These three factors are described below:

  • Clean Your Keyboard

Keyboard cleaning is done in two ways: cleaning it externally and cleaning it internally at a deep level. After removing the mechanical keyboard keys, you can easily clean the keyboard by debris, dust, and odors that have accrued over the past few months.

  • Replace the Keyboard Keys

The mechanical keyboard keys are removed because you have to replace the keyboard keys with other keycaps to repair it. Therefore, it allows you to repair the keyboard instead of buying a new one.

  • Repair Sticky and Greasy Keys

Often after using the keyboard for a long time, you can see some debris and odor inside it, making the keyboard greasy. Thus, it is better to take out the mechanical keyboard keys to repair sticky and greasy keys.

Here is the complete guide on how to clean greasy keyboard.

Best Way to Remove Keys from a Keyboard

There is a feature inside the mechanical keyboard that you can remove its keys and clean it from the inside. Therefore, before cleaning it, you have to remove the mechanical keyboards keys carefully.

There are 3 steps to remove the mechanical keyboard keys. Before starting, you need a keycap puller, and below are some keycap puller types you need to remove the keys.

  • Plastic Keycap Puller
  • Wired Keycap Puller (Recommended)
  • DIY Keycap Puller
  • Your Fingers
best way to remove keys from a keyboard

Once you have access to these items, you can easily remove the mechanical keyboard keys by following the steps below.

1. Use Keycap Puller

It would be best if you had a keycap puller in your hand to remove the keycaps from the keyboard without any hassle. There is another way you can remove your keyboard keys, and that is using your fingers, but it can be a slow and painful process.

There are different types of keycaps puller, so we especially recommend wired keycaps puller, which reduces the risk of scratches on the keys. Conversely, if you use a plastic keycap puller, there is a greater chance that it will leave some scratches when removing the keys.

Also, you have another way that you can make a custom DIY for the keycap puller.

Therefore, after following the first step, let’s try to figure out how to remove keys from a mechanical keyboard inside the second step.

2. Insert the Keycap Puller into the Keyboard Keycaps

Inside the second step, you have to insert a plastic keycap puller or wired keycap puller into the keycaps.

When you use a wired keycap, you can see the metal wire inside it, which tightens when it goes into the keys and makes it easier for you to remove the keys. On the other hand, when you use plastic keycap puller, it doesn’t go entirely into the keys’ bottom and keeps the keys attached until it comes out.

The primary purpose of these two things is to remove the keys from inside the keyboard to get fewer fractions and get more leverage to remove the keys.

Thirdly, if you try to remove the keycap using your finger, you must go through a painful and slow process while removing it first. Therefore, when you go through this process and remove the first key, it becomes easier for you to remove all the other keys because you get an exposed area.

3. Slightly Pull the Keycaps Until it Removes

Inside the last and third step, you have to push upwards slightly using a keycap puller until the key comes out. While following this step, one thing to keep in mind is that if you jerk the keys out, it can cause keyboard malfunction and damage.

So, take a little care while doing this process to not damage your keyboard even after removing keyboard keys.

Inside the keyboard, you can see some different big keys that include a space bar, etc. Thus, to get rid of this type of keys, you have to remember an extraordinary method to take out one side and then take out the other side and quickly grab it.

Hopefully, this method has proved to be very simple and easy for you.

How to Remove Keys from Mechanical Keyboard Without a Tool

It is also a common question of how to remove mechanical keyboard keys without a tool? Is it possible or not? Mechanical keyboard keys can be removed without any tools, but it also requires tool that can easily found in your home. This tool is known as screwdriver.

The use of screwdrivers proves to be best for you to remove keys from mechanical keyboards. A screwdriver is a tool available in every home, and is a strong tool for removing keyboard keys.

how to remove laptop keys without breaking them

Therefore, if you put it on one side of the keyboard and just push it comfortably upwards, the keycaps come out quickly without damage.

With an external keyboard, the question that comes to mind, how to remove laptop keys without breaking them? Then the screwdriver proves to be a perfect and robust tool for it. We recommend the screwdriver remove the laptop keys because you don’t have much space for the keycap puller inside the laptop keyboard.


Hope you are well known about how to remove keys from mechanical keyboard without breaking them? Following all the steps mentioned above, you will easily clean the keyboard by removing the keyboard keys by yourself.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please let us know and we will do our best to give you a quick answer.