How to Use Numpad on Keyboard Without Numpad

How to Use Numpad on Keyboard Without Numpad? 5 Methods 2021 Best Guide

If you are a programmer, typist, gamer, or spending the whole day on the front of your PC or laptop, so Numpad of the keyboard plays a significant role. If you are purchasing a mini-laptop and keyboard and find yourself missing your number pad, you don’t need to worry more. Numpad makes it easier for you to type fast and efficiently, so here you get the detailed guide about how to use Numpad on keyboard without Numpad?

Everyone wants a laptop that comes with the numeric pad, but very few laptops come with the Numpad, and it may be a little expensive for you. Therefore, your biggest concern as a laptop user is that how to use the numeric keypad on your laptop? Consequently, there are many ways to use the keyboard Numpad on a PC without a numeric pad.

Keeping in mind all your needs, we come up with the top 5 best ways that will allow you to use the laptop with Numpad if you don’t have it on the top of the keyboard.

1. Use of Windows On-Screen Keyboard

How to get a numeric keypad in windows? If you are a Windows 10 user, you can easily get the virtual Numpad using the on-screen keyboard. You need to keep in mind that this virtual Numpad is not as fast as the physical Numpad of the keyboard. The great thing about using the number pad with an on-screen keyboard is that you get to see many customizable options that will make it a worthy Numpad emulator.

how to use numpad on keyboard without numpad

You take some different routes to get access to the on-screen keyboard and use the virtual Numpad. The fastest route we ever found is that you only need to press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + O, and you get to see the on-screen keyboard on the computer or laptop screen. On the other hand, if you want to close the on-screen keyboard, you apply the same shortcut again.

Note: Sometimes, when you press these keys, you get the on-screen keyboard, but you don’t get to see the numeric pad. So, to get the Numpad, all you have to do is press the “options” button and click on the check box “turn on the numeric keypad,” and after apply ok, you get the Numpad on the top of the on-screen keyboard.

Get Numpad Pad with Settings

If you want to prefer to get the number pad by using the settings, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Click on Windows Start Button
  2. Here click on Settings
  3. Scroll Down Here and Click Ease of Access Option
  4. On the Left Side Bar, Click on Interaction
  5. Now You Need to Click on Keyboard
  6. Under the On-Screen Option, Press Slider to On
  7. Minimize the Window and Get Virtual Numpad
How to Get a Numeric Keypad in Windows

After following all the process mentioned above, you don’t need to do it again, and once you re-open the keyboard, you get the virtual numeric pad on the screen. Another unique feature of the on-screen keyboard Numpad is that you can shrink the keyboard and focus on the only Numpad and save your screen space.

2. Laptop NumLock Option

Many laptops available in the market comes with the lack of Numpad, but you get to see the hidden Numpad by activating the NumLock keys. On top of these types of laptops, you get the highlighted number keys available in different colors than regular keys, like usually grey or blue. Therefore, if you are trying to find these keys, so these are available on the top number row with the keys of 7, 8, and 9.

How to use the numeric keypad on your laptop? So, all you have to do is track the NumLock key button that is usually available on the top of the keyboard keys. You can use the keys like 7,8, and 9 as a number pad by turn on the NumLock Key option, and you can turn it off as per your requirement. Here you need to remember that when you turn off the NumLock option, you need to use the same key combination.

3. Download Numeric Keypad Emulators

Downloading the numeric keypad emulators is one of the best space-saving options for you on the computer or laptop screen. It is imperative to have the virtual Numpad that meets all your needs, and you can type fast by using it. The Numpad emulators available online allow you to use them with specific customization according to your requirements.

how to use numpad keys without numpad

You can download the best keypad emulators online, and it will allow you to use Numpad on the keyboard without Number pad. These Numpad emulators offer you a variety of options that can scale the button size. You can change the size and keys that you want to appear on the virtual Numpad emulators. Also, you can add special symbols by using the alt codes that are even not available on the actual Numpad.

On the other hand, if you don’t need any customization on the top of the virtual Numpad, you can use the number pad using the on-screen keyboard.

4. Buy an External Numpad

If you belong to a programming or accounting field and use number lots, we recommend using this option. There are many numpads available online or in the market that you can use as a keyboard Numpad by connecting it through USB or Bluetooth.

It may be a little expensive choice for you, but it makes your work faster and easier than virtual Numpad. You can enter lots of numbers more quickly because external Numpad have a physical appearance and you type in a comfortable environment.

Here you get the best ergonomic keyboard without number pad.

5. iPhone and iPad Number Pads

If you are an iPhone user, you get to see the few app options that will allow you to use the number pad emulators in the form of an application. The shortcoming of using this is that the features you get to see inside not come with direct windows support.

If you want to use the Numpad on your windows, all you have to do is use a VNC server such as TightVNC and quickly connect it to your computer. On the other hand, as an Apple user, you need to pay the little cost, and you get more space as compare to the external number pad


Hope you are familiar with how to use Numpad on keyboard without Numpad? By following all the methods mentioned above. No Number Pad? No Problem, by applying all the ways, you will be able to use the Numpad on keyboard without Numpad. Another great benefits of applying these methods are that you will customize it as per your requirement.

In the end, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and you can quickly come to a conclusion about how to emulate Numpad on a PC laptop?

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