how to unlock macbook pro keyboard

How to Unlock MacBook Pro Keyboard?

One way to hide and protect your family or company confidential information from your employees is to lock your MacBook keyboard. If you are working on your desk and suddenly your employee or visitor comes so you can use the “CMD- Tab” Keyboard shortcut, and it will switch your screen to another application. Another way to protect your sensitive information is to lock your keyboard, and here we will be discussed how to unlock MacBook pro keyboard only from you.

How to Lock the MacBook Keyboard?

Before knowing about how to unlock the MacBook air keyboard? It is very imperative to understand how to lock it to protect your information from your employees. Here you get the step-by-step guide to lock the MacBook keyboard, and then we know how to unlock and operate it.

  • Step 1

First of all, open the Apple menu on the top of the MacBook Pro and choose “System Preferences.”

  • Step 2

Now here, you can get to see the personal category that is available at the top row in the System Preferences window, here you can click on the “Security & Privacy” option.

  • Step 3

Here you need to activate the check box available at the front of preference in the general tab, and here you put the password to wake up your MacBook keyboard.

  • Step 4

On top of the Security & Privacy preference, you get the “Show All” button, and after clicking on it, it will return you to the main system preferences screen.

  • Step 5

You need to click on the “Desktop & Screen Saver” option in the personal section here. You get this option or tab on the top of the desktop & screen saver preference pane.

  • Step 6

Now you can see the “Hot Corners” button at the bottom left corner of the pane, and you need to click on it.

  • Step 7

Here you can select the one corner between the four corners of your screen that will become the hot corner that will trigger your screen saver to appear on the MacBook Screen.

  • Step 8

Once you choose the “hot corner,” you need to activate the “Start Screen Saver” option after opening the drop-down menu. After clicking on the “OK” button, you can return to the Desktop & Screen Saver pane.

  • Step 9

To unlock the MacBook, you can choose the image as per your requirement, for example, your company logo. Also, you can select the timer to know how much time must elapse between your last keypress using the slider at the bottom.

  • Step 10

Finally, after the complete and satisfying Set Up you need to Press the “CMD-Q” option to quiet the System Preferences quickly.

How to Unlock MacBook Pro Keyboard?

When you return to your desk, you have to move your cursor to the hot corner you are selected during the locking setup. You can only press any key on the MacBook keyboard, and the dialog box appears on the screen.

Inside the dialog box, you need to type a password that you set before to unlock MacBook. The username will already appear here according to your MacBook user. You only need to type a password and quickly get access to your MacBook screen.

Therefore, by following this method, you can unlock your MacBook using a keyboard and protect your various sensitive information from your employees or snoopers.

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How to Turn on Sticky Keys?

Sticky keys are very beneficial for MacBook users as they will enable you to enter the keys combination by consecutively pressing keys rather than simultaneously. This feature is helpful for users who have difficulty pressing shortcut key combinations.

Usually, the sticky keys are enabled by default on the top of the Universal Access panel of System Preferences. On the other hand, here you get the detailed guide about how to turn on sticky keyboard keys if these are not enabled.

  1. Firstly, you need to go to Apple menu > System Preferences and click Universal Access.
  2. Here you need to click on the Keyboard tab option.
  3. After reaching out to the keyboard tab, you see the “On” and “Of” buttons in front of the sticky keys option. Now here, you can easily enable sticky keys.
how to unlock macbook pro keyboard

If you are not agreed to do this all process, all you have to do is pressed the shift key five times, and the sticky keys option will be enabled. It is a great way you enable sticky keys instead of going to the system preferences.

  • How to Know About [Sticky Keys Working or Not]

By default, when you enable and disable the sticky keys or press any modifier key, the OS X will play a sound. You can get to see an overlay icon on the top of each modifier key that you are press. Conversely, a marquee will appear next to the Universal Access icon on the menu bar to ensure that the sticky keys are enabled.

  • How to Turn off the Sticky Keys

If you want to turn off the sticky keys, you will need to go to the system preferences setting and on the top of the keyboard tab and turn the sticky keys option. Also, you can turn off the sticky keys by pressing the shift key five times.

MacBook Keyboard Doesn’t Work? What Should You Do?

Due to some reasons, the MacBook keyboard doesn’t work, but you don’t need to worry more because you get some tips about how to get rid of this problem.

  • Thoroughly Clean the Keyboard [ Her you get the guide about how to clean greasy keyboard laptop?]
  • Check for Updated Inside the MacBook
  • Delete the Recent Apps by Using Launchpad, Finder, and CleanMyMac Tools

MacBook keyboard locked how to unlock? Therefore, by following all the methods mentioned above, you can get the answer to this question.

Mac Book Trackpad Doesn’t Work? What Should You Do?

If you want to work brilliantly, so the trackpad is the best choice for MacBook users. Sometimes your MacBook trackpad doesn’t work, so here you get the guide about getting rid of this problem.

  • Reboot and Close the Lid of the Trackpad
  • Disable the Force Click Option
  • Reset the Mac SMC Option