How Far Do Wireless Keyboards Work? 10 Effective Steps to Extend the Wireless Keyboard Range – 2022

You can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to keep yourself away from the clutter of wires, but you need to know how far do wireless keyboards work? Therefore, in this guide, we will learn about the range of wireless keyboards and how to increase the range through 8 effective steps.

What is the Range of a Wireless Keyboard?

When it comes to wireless keyboards and mice, their range of work is based on this technology. It is a common question, so the wireless keyboard and mice have the maximum effective distance of about 30 feet (9m). More or less, the keyboard’s wireless range depends on a variety of factors.

30 feet (9m) distance is usually tricky for any wireless keyboard because there are too many obstacles between the keyboard and PC. Therefore, there are some factors or methods that you can follow to easily maintain or increase the wireless keyboard range, which will be explained in detail below.

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How Do I Extend the Range of My Wireless Keyboard?

When you are using a wireless keyboard or mouse with your PC or laptop, many obstacles cause trouble. Therefore, now your worries will be gone as we have come up with the 10 best steps to extend the range of the wireless keyboard.

how far do wireless keyboards work

1. Diagnose the Issue of Wireless Keyboard

If you are having difficulty using your wireless keyboard a few feet away, the first thing you need to know is what the Issue is? Here are some things that can reduce the range of your wireless keyboard.

  • Low Battery or Charge
  • Old Hardware
  • Cheap Keyboard

Therefore, to increase the wireless keyboard range, you must first diagnose the Issue. These issues are the most effective in reducing the range of wireless keyboards.

2. Replace the Current Battery with Fresh One

When you see a range reduction problem, try replacing your wireless keyboard battery with a new one. Try your best to install the battery that the keyboard manufacturer prefers, and hopefully, this will increase your wireless keyboard range. Inside the new and fresh battery is the feature that they give 100 percent, which keeps the wireless keyboard range.

  • Also, even if the keyboard battery is low, the range decreases, so try using the wireless keyboard after full charging.
  • If you have a wired charger with a wireless keyboard, try to use the wireless keyboard consistently plugged into the charger.

3. Make Sure There isn’t Anything Between Keyboard and Receiver

The receiver you see with the wireless keyboard is not of such quality that it can send a signal to the keyboard from between furniture or any object. So, this is one of the main reasons why there is a reduction in the range.

If you want to extend the wireless keyboard range, make sure that there is nothing between the receiver and the keyboard before use.

4. Unplug Extra USB Items from Your PC

If you are using a wireless keyboard and the range is not good enough, so other USB items will be attached to your computer or laptop, like a flash drive and printer. Therefore, unplug all the other USB items to extend the range when using the wireless keyboard.

5. Keep Interfering Appliances from Keyboard Mouse and Receiver

To increase the range, make sure that there is no other type of appliances between the receiver and the wireless keyboard. The following are the common appliances that reduce the range of wireless keyboards.

  • Refrigerators
  • Modem and Router
  • Other Computer or Laptops
  • Microwaves
  • Television

Therefore, if you see any such object between the wireless keyboard and the receiver, remove it. By doing this, your range will be increased definitely and your concern about how far do wireless keyboards work will go.

6. Plug Your Computer into Free Power Outlet Charger

If you are using a wireless keyboard with a laptop, you can increase the range by charging the laptop consistently. When you use the laptop while charging, all the USB ports have the full power supply. It will help to send more signals to the wireless keyboard from the receiver.

7. Place Receiver in Front of Wireless Keyboard

Use your wireless keyboard right in front of the receiver, which will let you know if there is a problem in the range or our device. There are different types of receivers you can see with a wireless keyboard. Therefore, make sure your device or receiver is not damaged after placing the receiver directly in front of the wireless keyboard.

8. Use USB Dongle Extender with Wireless Receiver

If you want to increase the range, the better way is to buy an extender to plug into a USB port inside the laptop. It is a great way to plug in a receiver using a USB extender that extends the wireless keyboard range by eliminating all resistance.

Finally, we prefer to buy a USB dongle extender to get the wireless keyboard’s guaranteed best range.

9. Look Range Extender from Manufacturer

On the company’s official website, whose keyboard you have purchased, you will also find some extender software designed specifically for various keyboards model. Therefore, you can find your wireless keyboard’s specific model’s extender software or upgrade the system to increase the range. After installing it, you can increase the range of wireless keyboards significantly.

10. Upgrade the Wireless Keyboard Software

The main reason that the range between the receiver and the wireless keyboard decreases is the older version of the wireless keyboard receiver. Therefore, to increase the range and maintain it, be sure to upgrade it after going to your wireless keyboard settings.

Finally, after upgrading the receiver and wireless keyboard software, you will find an excellent and significant increase in range.

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Hope you are aware of how far do wireless keyboards work? As you may have noticed above, the range of the wireless keyboard depends on various factors. Therefore, above are the 10 most effective steps you can take to extend the wireless keyboard range.

At the same time, you know that Apple is a big name in the world of technology. Therefore, the question is asked about how far do apple wireless keyboards work? When we talk about the apple wireless keyboard, you get to see the Bluetooth 4.0 technology inside. The probably Bluetooth 4.0 technology offers a range of 10 meters.

Finally, hope this guide proves to be helpful for you, and you can quickly get a solution about how you can extend the range of the wireless keyboard.