what is a backlit keyboard

What is a Backlit Keyboard? (Types and Functionality Revealed!)

Keyboards are one of the most needed types of equipment to be able to properly use a computer, its basic function is to be able to type and enter words through key commands.

They are considered to be one of the primary parts of a computer, but over the years computer keyboards have rapidly evolved with the advancement of technology, they now come in different forms and have added aesthetics to their overall design.

Most keyboards nowadays are now called mechanical keyboards due to the sounds it makes when being pressed, they also now come in with backlight and RGB lights which makes them very popular with gamers.

Using a boring no light emulating keyboard can be seen under today’s standards as very boring and inappropriate during typing and gaming.

So, you may be asking yourself, “What is a backlit keyboard?” We will reveal all the facts!

What is a Backlit Keyboard?

Backlit keyboards are keyboards that can emit light to their keys when being plugged via USB, it revives the typing or gaming experience of the user since it adds aesthetics to the overall design.

Backlit keyboards have also different light effects similar to Christmas lights that can be customizable via a push of a button or the RGB software that is included in the keyboard when being purchased.

They started to become popular when the rise of Esports which has captivated gamers all over the world. This is because when a gamer plays using a backlit keyboard some people say the light that comes from the keyboard adds adrenaline during gameplay.

This is why using backlit keyboards has become a trend during gaming and has been added to PC building. 

Different Kinds of Backlit Keyboards

There are a wide variety of backlit keyboards on the market today. there are keyboards that are wired, wireless, flexible, ergonomic, and handheld.

All of these keyboards have the functionality to emit backlit without having to affect the overall typing and gaming experience, plus some of these keyboards have the capacity to swap out their keys making them fully customizable to the preference of the user.

Patronizers of Backlit Keyboards

Backlit keyboards have become a hot trend in the market today, most people who bought this certain kind of keyboard are usually gamers because the backlit design adds aesthetics to their PC build.

But there are also people who prefer these types of keyboards not for gaming but rather for productivity since they can be seen as more well build and has a faster response time compared to the traditional keyboards.

At present they are mostly used in First Person Shooter games such as CS Go, APEX Legends, Call of Duty Warzone, and Rainbow Six Siege, which are all exciting games and they are more enjoyable to play when using a backlit keyboard. 

Cost of backlit keyboards

They usually cost between $20 and upwards since some of these backlit keyboards are by reputable brands and depending on the type some even go as high as $500 making one expensive piece of computer equipment.

Regardless of the price some users still prefer to buy this because of its functionality and aesthetic purposes.

But buying a high-end backlit keyboard can easily be seen as a great investment since there are much cheaper backlit keyboards that offer the same functionality and aesthetics so it is always best to do a little bit of research before purchasing any of the backlit keyboards on the market today. 

Why Use a backlit keyboard?

Unlike the traditional keyboards backlit keyboards are reliable due to their durability and overall functionality since they now have a faster response time which helps in gaming and productivity of the user.

The typing experience is completely different since most backlit keyboards have different sizes which can accommodate the hand size of the user, they can now also be connected to other devices such as smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth.

Backlit Keyboard Connectivity

Due to the advancement of technology connecting the backlit keyboard can now be done in several ways, there is the USB connection, Bluetooth, and USB receiver dongle.

All of these are compatible with all of today’s modern computers since all of them have USB and Bluetooth connectivity making them usable in almost any device. 

The functionality of the Backlit Keyboards 

Aside from the usual tying and gaming usage of these backlit keyboards, they also added key functionality such as being able to control the volume with the press of a button instead of looking at it on the monitor, there is also the screenshot function, and controlling of light effects. These are simply added functions but can literally help the user both in gaming and productivity. Aside from these functions, they are also sturdy enough for long typing and gaming usage, since not all users have light hands when using their keyboards.

Should you use a backlit keyboard?

In this modern age of technology, the answer is Yes because backlit keyboards are perhaps the future of the keyboard. They are more durable, functional, and customizable for different user preferences.

They can be bought on amazon or any computer store since they are very popular nowadays and sometimes customers can even get them for free when they bought other computer parts.

Regardless of where the user buys his/her backlit keyboard, it is always important first to check the item carefully since most of these backlit keyboards can be counterfeited due to their popularity in the market today. 

What is a Backlit Keyboard? Conclusion

Overall backlit keyboards are considered to be the top of the line when it comes to keyboards, with their combination of functionality and aesthetics.

It will make the typing and gaming experience of the user more enjoyable because the light that the keyboard emits will give a sense of beauty to the setup of a user regardless if it is a high-end or low-end setup, a backlit keyboard will fit perfectly.

They are cheap and easy to find plus they come in combo packages such as free gaming mice or even a headset. Buying a backlit keyboard is truly a great investment and since it is compatible with almost every device users can be using this for a very long time.

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