Wireless Keyboard with USB Passthrough

5 Best Wireless Keyboards with USB Passthrough 2022 Expert Review

Are you tired of getting involved in a fuss of wires while working on your computer? Well, the best wireless keyboards with a USB passthrough can resist your pain by providing freedom of wireless and comfort. On top of that, with two in one functionality, you can also switch it to a wired keyboard for an extended typing and gaming experience.

However, with many options available in the market, there are possible chances that you may find yourself a little lost when choosing the perfect wireless keyboard with a USB passthrough. One wrong decision can become the biggest regret of your life.

This is where our article comes into play. To help you find the best wireless keyboard, we have narrowed down the perfect aftermarket products in this article. A comprehensive buying guide, in the end, will also play its part in helping you get the best item according to your needs.

1. G-Cord Wireless Keyboard with USB Port

The G-Cord keyboard is one of the best and most appealing keyboards for gamers and typists. During typing and playing games, it provides better focus and ultimate performance due to the durable construction. With this keyboard, you get outstanding and distinctive tactile feedback even on every tap. You can use it as a wired and wireless keyboard, but its low wireless range may disappoint you.

You get both wireless and wired modes; however, you can get faster data transfer with wire, like playing games. 

It is specially built with a long battery life that comes with the 1850mAh power, which proves to be perfect. If you are doing heavy gaming, you can continuously use it for up to 200 hours, and during regular use, it provides excellent performance up to 280 hours.

Another great feature of this keyboard is that it comes with universal compatibility. Moreover, it supports Windows XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10/ Mac OS X/ OS X/ Mac OS/and other compatible computers.

With this keyboard, you get ideal, reliable, and accurate performance perfect for gamers and workers. You also get to see the brown switches that offer tactile feedback on every tap. On top of it, you get these switches with RGB backlit that will allow you to play and work even at night environment and silent atmosphere.

  • Comes with Wireless and Wired TechnologynOffers Light Tactile FeedbacknBrown Mechanical SwitchesnLong 1850mAh Battery nProvide Universal CompatibilitynDelivers Resistant Free Fast Typing ExperiencenIdeal Keyboard for Gaming and Office WorkingnOffers Backlit KeysnAvailable at Reasonable PricenNo Need for Software to Run itn
  • Not Comes with Customizable RGB ColorsnLow Wireless Range KeyboardnSometimes you Feel Input Lagn


SwitchesMechanical Keys
Weight2.5 pounds
Connectivity TechnologyWired and Wireless
ColorBlack with Brown Switches

2. Redragon K596 Keyboard

Redragon K596 is the best wireless keyboard with a USB port under 100 dollars that comes with the professional software. You can quickly type and play using this keyboard without any hesitation due to the smooth and soft mechanical switches. You get it with a lightweight and ultra-compact design, and you can easily carry it anywhere. The only downside of this keyboard is that the RGB keys are not customizable.

Wired and Wireless Keyboard with Long Battery Life

If you are a gamer or typist, this keyboard performs well with wireless and wired technology. You can get an excellent typing experience without any distraction by connecting it by using wire. Also, if you need a comfortable typing and playing experience so you can easily make it wireless. Its long battery life allows you to work and play for a whole day as you get the 3000mAh battery time inside. Therefore, you can efficiently run it up to 10 hours that prove to best for extended gaming sessions.

Linear Switches Best for Gamers

The unique thing about this keyboard is that you get it with an ultra-compact and lightweight design that will allow you to carry it anywhere easily. The great thing that makes it perfect for gamers is that you can comfortably type and play due to linear mechanical switches and wrist wrest design. These switches provide a feeling of responsiveness during typing, and the RGB backlit allows you to use it even at night. Here you get the perfect and expert guide about the best keyboard for typing and gaming under 100.

Professional Software and Ten Keyless Design

You get the professional software with this keyboard that will make some unique macros on your keys. This keyboard provides you an excellent, complex, and incredible combination that will allow you to run the keyboard with just one click. Also, you get it with a compact and tenkeyless design that proves to be perfect and ideal for minimalistic desk setups.

In the end, if you get vast space on your computer setup desk, then the Redragon K596 keyboard is perfect with wireless and wired dual-mode features.

  • Comes with Wireless and Wired Technology nOffers Linear Red SwitchesnSpecially Made for GamersnProvide Abundant BatterynResponsive Keys with Accurate ActuationnUltra-Compact and Portable KeyboardnInclude Wrist Rest SupportnComfortable Tenkeyless DesignnRGB Backlit Mechanical SwitchesnLong Battery Timen
  • Keys Stop Working After Sometimes According to UsersnNot Customizable RGB KeysnNot Full Perfect keyboard for Gamersn


SwitchesMechanical TKL Switches
Weight2.78 pounds
Connectivity TechnologyWired and Wireless
ColorBlack with Red Switches

3. Kensington KP400 

Kensington KP400 is the best keyboard with a USB socket with an ultra-compact and lightweight design that makes it perfect for traveling. Using this keyboard, you can take your productivity to the next level, as most professionals use it to connect with multiple devices. Low profile silent keyboard allows you to type in a quiet environment, but the only shortcoming you get to see is that it seems to go in sleeping mode earlier.

Full Size, Lightweight, and Compact Keyboard

The unique thing about this keyboard that makes it different from others is that it comes with an ultra-compact, lightweight, and full size keyboard design. On top of it, you get to see the numeric pad that will allow the typist to type fast without any hesitation. It provides a professional experience that will maximize your productivity. The compact and lightweight design will enable you to carry it anywhere easily, and it proves to be the best keyboard for traveling.

Dual Mode Keyboard with Universal Compatibility

Quickly transition your traditional wired connection to the wireless connection with your PC or laptop as this keyboard comes with dual wireless and wired technology. If you need comfort, you can use it as a wireless connection but want to extend your gaming sessions to connect it with wire. It also provides universal compatibility and can use multiple devices like Windows, Mac, and smartphones without any problem. If you are using a wired keyboard and want to convert it into wireless so here you get the step by step guide about how to make wired keyboard wireless.

Premium and Quiet Keys with Sleek Profile

It provides effective responsiveness feedback on every tap, and you can type with this keyboard silently. These keys are built with premium material, and you can see the scissor-style keys, and during typing, you can’t disturb peoples around you. This keyboard is specially designed for your desktop as it comes with a sleek and thin profile that is only 0.7 inches tall.

Lastly, Kensington KP400 is the best keyboard with a USB slot under 50 dollars and perfect for writers, and you cannot at a loss after buying it.

  • Multi-Device Switching TechnologynFull Size, Simple, Lightweight, and Compact DesignnOffers Premium and Quiet KeysnIdeal for Typist, Programmers, and GamersnMaximize your Productivity with this KeyboardnCompatible with Multiple Operating SystemsnSilent Typing ExperiencenAvailable at Reasonable PricenEasy to Pair Both Wirelessly and USBn
  • Seems to Go Sleeping Mode EarliernLost Bluetooth Connection Frequently SometimesnLittle Conventional Battery Timen


SwitchesSilent Switches
Weight0.528 ounces
Connectivity TechnologyWireless and Wired Technology

4. EasySMX 2.4GHz Wireless Keyboard

EasySMX 2.4GHz is the best wireless keyboard for gaming with a USB passthrough with 87 keys that provide an excellent typing experience. You get free up space on your desk without sacrificing the overall performance. Also, it offers superior comfort during your extended gaming sessions, and you use it with dual mode. On the other hand, the only shortcoming you get to see inside this keyboard is that its RGB backlit looks terrible.

Space Saving Design with Metal Abs Construction

You get more space on your desk due to its space saving design as it comes with 87 keys and provides you great comfort. This design allows you to play your extended gaming sessions with full of comfort. It is specially manufactured with strong metal materials as well as plate-mounted mechanical keys. Therefore, these switches and metal alloy bodies stand this keyboard in tough gaming sessions.

Dual Mode Technology with Long Lasting Power

The unique thing about this keyboard that makes it different from others is that you can use it as a traditional wired keyboard and wireless keyboard. Using this keyboard provides a more stable and reliable connection, and you can use it wirelessly with the range of up to 10 meters.

You get it with the detachable USB cable that will allow you to charge it and shifting the wire as per your needs. The long-lasting battery you get to inside this keyboard comes with the power of 1300mAh that will allow you to use it for up to 500 hours without any hesitation.

Non-Slip Ergonomic Design with Better Compatibility

You get this keyboard with non-slip and ergonomic design that will allow you to type with satisfied feedback comfortably. The benefits of the ergonomic design are that it provides a perfect typing angle and can use it for the whole day without tiredness. The dual mode uses technology to offer better compatibility and can support Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista, and mac with few features. Here you get the specific best ergonomic keyboard without number pad.

In the end, if you want an excellent typing and gaming experience with space saving design, then we recommend buying an EasySMX 2.4GHz keyboard.

  • Keys are Responsive and Conflict FreenComes with Mechanical KeysnBuilt with Metal Abs ConstructionnSplash-Proof DesignnLong and Large Capacity BatterynComes with Space Saving DesignnCompact and Beautiful Keyboard KeysnWired and Wireless TechnologynOffers Stability and Reliabilityn
  • The RGB Backlit is TerriblenSometimes Fail to Respondn


SwitchesMechanical LED Switches
Weight1.9 pounds
Connectivity TechnologyDual Wireless and Wired
ColorBlack with Blue RGB

5. HUO JI CQ63 

Take your gaming experience to the next level by using the HUO JI CQ63 compact and lightweight keyboard. Its white color with RGB backlit provides a beautiful and fantastic mechanical feeling. Also, it is available for you at a reasonable price, and you can use it with multi devices as it comes with universal compatibility. Conversely, the only downside of this keyboard is that it is not perfect for typing as it does not come with a full size keyboard design.

Dual Mode Wireless/Wired with Long Battery

The unique thing about this keyboard is that it comes with dual wireless and wired technology, and you can use it wirelessly as well as in the form of a traditional wired keyboard. You can easily switch the keyboard mode from wireless to wired by using the USB Type-C cable. The battery you get to see inside is long-lasting with 1500mAh power, and you can use this keyboard for the whole day with freedom of wireless.

Comfortable Compact Design with RGB Backlit

At first glance, you get to see this keyboard with a small, compact, and lightweight design that comes with 63 keys. This design is very convenient to carry anywhere as it is known as space saving design. Also, the ergonomic design of this keyboard provides you all day comfort, and the great thing about this keyboard is that you can use it even at night due to the RGB backlit. You can customize the color as per your needs as you get to see the 19 modes backlit effects. if you budget is tight and you are looking for a keyboard with RGB backlit so here you get the best RGB keyboard under 30 dollars.

Multi-Device Support and Durability

It comes with wired and wireless technology, so you get multi-device support with this keyboard. This keyboard supports Windows 10, 8, 7, mac, and Android, and you can quickly and simultaneously switch the keyboard among them. Another great thing that ensures that this keyboard perfect is that it provides durability with a Nominal lifetime up to 50,000,000 times.

Finally, if you are a businessman and want to get a fantastic typing experience during traveling, then the HUO JI CQ63 keyboard is especially for you.

  • Space-Saving, Compact, and Small DesignnOffers Multi-Device SupportnFast Actuation and Responsive KeysnLong-Lasting Battery LifenComfortable Typing and Playing ExperiencenColorful RGB Backlighting TechnologynComes with Ergonomic Comfortable DesignnGood Keyboard for Gaming and TypingnReasonably Pricedn
  • Not Full-Size KeyboardnSometimes Provide Lagging Wirelesslyn


Hope you are familiar with all the wireless keyboard with USB Passthrough mentioned above that proves to be perfect for gaming and typing. All of these keyboards are perfect because you can use them wirelessly as well as traditionally by using the wire. The benefits of this feature are that you can connect it with your PC during extended gaming sessions by using wire. On the other hand, if you are a typist so you can wirelessly connect it with your laptop and PC and get the freedom of wireless and comfort.

If you are still confused about which keyboard is perfect in all of them, you don’t need to worry more. By keeping in mind all your need, we especially recommend to buy G-Cord Wireless Keyboard with USB Port. It is a full size keyboard with a number pad, and you get to see the RGB backlit that will allow you to use it even at night.

Conversely, if you are looking for a full-size keyboard without a number pad with USB port, the EasySMX 2.4GHz wireless keyboard is only for you. It comes with an ergonomic non-slip design that makes it the perfect keyboard for gaming and office work. It will allow you to use it during extended gaming sessions and use it for a whole day due to the long battery life.

In the end, hope that this guide proves to be helpful and informative for you, and you can quickly come to the conclusion about which keyboard is perfect in all of them.