Should I Get an External Keyboard for My Laptop

Should I Get an External Keyboard for My Laptop? (7 Reasons Why You Should!)

More and more computer users are preferring to purchase laptop computer over desktop computers since they are more portable and can be used even when there is no power supply nearby. Most laptops usually includes an inbuilt keyboard for typing.

However, many people may discover that other laptop users are using external keyboards with their laptop. So you might ask, “Should i get an external keyboard for my laptop?” and are there any major benefits of using a an external keyboard instead of the inbuilt keyboard for typing and other activities?

It is always better to get an external keyboard for a laptop and some of the advantages of using a quality external keyboard are discussed below.

7 Reasons Why You Should Get an External Keyboard for Your Laptop

1. Typing Speed

One of the main considerations while using a laptop or computer is the typing speed. All laptops include a touchpad and a keyboard. While using the keyboard, the touchpad may be accidentally touched by the palm of the hand, resulting in typing mistakes.

For correcting the typing mistakes, the laptop user will have to spend time, so the productivity of the user decreases. If an external keyboard is used, the keyboard is usually some distance away from the touchpad, and the user will usually not accidentally touch the touchpad while typing.

So the typing speed is higher and there are fewer mistakes if an external keyboard is used.

2. More Pressure Required for Activation 

Due to the compact size of the laptop, the internal keyboard has chiclet type keys and the distance the keys will have to travel for actuation is usually 1 mm. Since the distance is less, the user has to press harder when using the laptop, resulting in strain on his wrist and tendons while using the laptop.

Those who use the laptop for typing extensively may suffer from repetitive strain injuries ( RSI). Since the keys of the external keyboard are larger in size, the user has to apply less force to actuate them so the possibility of RSI is reduced if the external keyboard is used instead of laptop keyboard.

3. Distance from the Monitor 

Ideally the laptop user should remain some distance away from the laptop monitor while using it, the recommended distance is 30 or 40 cm from the display. If the internal laptop keyboard is used, the user, has to sit close to the laptop, so he cannot remain at a distance from the monitor.

If an external keyboard is used, the laptop can be placed at the most convenient height and distance from the user, for better ergonomics especially if the laptop is used for a longer time period.

It will also reduce the eye strain for the user, he does not have to sit very close to the laptop if he uses the external keyboard 

4. More Key Functions

The space available for the laptop keyboard is limited by the laptop size. In many of the compact laptops, some of the keys like the function keys and the number pad are either not available due to lack of space or are combined with other keys and are difficult to use.

In contrast the external keyboards are designed to maximize the typing speed of the user so that he can complete typing in the shortest possible time. So they have a large number of additional keys compared to the laptop which help to type faster.

Hence those who use their laptop mainly for typing should purchase an external keyboard. Also it is more expensive to repair a damaged laptop keyboard compared to getting a new external keyboard. 

5. Heating 

Many of the laptops especially high end models have CPU’s and graphics processors which consume more power, resulting in heating of the laptop. since the laptop keyboard is located just above the motherboard, cpu and other components, it will also get heated.

So many users will not be comfortable in typing on a heated keyboard with their fingers, whose temperature may be higher than room temperature.

Additionally if an external keyboard is installed, the strain on the hands, tendons and wrist of the arm of the user is greatly reduced. The neck strain is also reduced if an external keyboard is used. 

6. Cleaning the Keyboard

Though most people try to ensure that their hands are clean when they use the keyboard, often dust and dirt accumulates on the keyboard, especially if it is used for several hours daily.

Since the laptop keyboard is small in size with less distance between the keys, it is more difficult to remove the dirt from the keys.

Also the user cannot using all cleaning chemicals, since there is a risk that the expensive electronics, especially the motherboard can get damaged.

In contrast, the external keyboard can be easily disconnected from the laptop, and cleaned properly to remove all the dirt, since there is more space between the keys of the external keyboard, which is also inexpensive compared to a laptop.

7. Resale Value 

Some of the laptop users are upgrading their laptop regularly and purchasing the latest laptop available. These users will often sell their older laptop after they have purchased the new laptop to partly cover the cost of the new laptop and reduce the storage space available.

The resale value of a used laptop like most other gadgets will depend on the condition of the laptop. Other than the keyboard, most people do not touch any other part of the laptop, so if the laptop is cleaned regularly these other parts will continue to look like new.

If the laptop keyboard is used for typing, the lettering on the keys will often fade due to the pressure applied, sweat from the fingers and the keypad will look older.

The external keyboard is inexpensive compared to a laptop, and if this external keyboard is used with the laptop, the laptop keyboard will continue to look like new, increasing the resale value of the laptop.

Should I Get an External Keyboard for my Laptop? Final Thoughts!

While most people are using a laptop because they can conveniently carry it from one place to another, there are several disadvantages of using the compact laptop keyboard.

So laptop users who require their laptop mainly for typing should use an external keyboard with their laptop for faster typing, ergonomic reasons and for getting a better resale price when it comes time to resell your laptop for a newer model.

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