Best Ergonomic Keyboard Without Number Pad

6 Best Ergonomic Keyboards Without Number Pad 2022 Expert Review

Want to take the edge off of typing all day? Well say no more! Ergonomic keyboards are specifically made to make typing less stressful for your arms and hands. These keyboards are designed in a way to avoid intense twists of wrists and the otherwise unnatural movement of hands. 

Ergonomic keyboards are usually split in halves while others may utilise different techniques to avoid strenuous hand movement. Also, if you’re specifically looking to cut the clutter then, a keyboard without a numeric pad will be your best bet. 

A plethora of options is available in the market today and that is exactly what makes it hard to choose a single device. However, we’ve curtailed a list of the best ergonomic keyboards without a numeric pad to make the decision easier for you!

Go on and check them out to find the perfect option for yourself!

1. Logitech K380 

Do multi-tasking at your home and your favorite cafe with Logitech K380 keyboard as it comes with a lightweight design, and you can easily carry it anywhere. Get a laptop-style typing experience in a comfortable environment due to the ergonomic design. It is the perfect and ideal keyboard for productivity with long battery life, but you get the cramped keys.

Compact and Slim Ergonomic Design

At home, at your favorite cafe, or during business trip, this keyboard is your ideal companion. Due to its compact and slim ergonomic design, you can easily carry it anywhere and get a smooth typing experience. When you are typing with this keyboard, it will give you typing experience like a laptop, and it is suitable if you are using it for the whole day.

Compatible with Multi Devices

You can use this keyboard with windows, mac, and android as it is compatible with multi-devices. Also, you can use it to perform multi-functions like typing, copy, paste and move files from one folder to another. It is a suitable and perfect keyboard for android users, and you can easily connect it using Bluetooth technology.

Quickly Switch and Long Battery Life

This keyboard comes with the Bluetooth classic (3.0) connection type, and its wireless range is 10m. On the top of this keyboard, you get to see the touch button and simultaneously, you can switch it and connect it up to 3 devices. The battery you get to see inside this keyboard based on an estimated 2 million keystrokes/year, and it provides a 2-years battery life.

Finally, as a business man if you want to connect with your team, then the Logitech K380 keyboard is perfect and comfortable.

  • Multi-Devices Bluetooth Ergonomic KeyboardnCompact and Slim Design Mobile KeyboardnExtended 2 Year Battery LifenCompatible with Windows and Macn10m Wireless Bluetooth RangenVersatile and Perfect Size Keyboardn
  • Sometimes Disconnected During WorkingnCramped and Unpleasant Keysn

2. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro

HyperX Alloy is one of the best wireless keyboards without a number pad under 100 dollars. You can use it for multi-tasking as it provides reliability, accuracy, and durability and specially designed for gamers. 100% anti-ghosting mechanical RGB keys offer a comfortable typing experience, but if you are mac users, so Fn key doesn’t work with macOS.

Ultra-Minimalistic Ten Keyless Portable Design

If you are a gamer, this keyboard is specially manufactured for you as it comes with an ultra-minimalistic ten-keyless design. It provides an excellent typing and gaming experience, and it proves to be the perfect keyboard for FPS pro. It is a very lightweight and portable keyboard, and you can type on it in a quiet environment.

Cherry MX Mechanical Switches with RGB Lighting

When you are typing on this keyboard, its cherry MX mechanical switches provide precise and matchless reliability. You can get a fantastic experience even at night as it comes with the RGB backlighting technology that provides dynamic lighting effects. When you are in-game mode, you get to see the 100% anti-ghosting and N key rollover functions on the top of this keyboard.

Durable and Portable Keyboard

When you are playing games using this keyboard, it provides reliability as well as durability. You get this keyboard with a steel frame and durable body to deliver stable performance. It is specially manufactured with a minimalist design, and it comes with a detachable USB cable that provides portability and reduces the risk of cable damage.

In the end, if you want great gaming and typing experience, then the HyperX Alloy keyboard is a perfect choice, and you get a comfortable feeling due to its ergonomic design.

  • Reliable MX Cherry Mechanical SwitchesnDurable Steel Frame BodynOffers Supreme Durability and PortabilitynErgonomic Space-Saving Ten Keyless DesignnRGB Backlit with Dynamic Lighting EffectsnIdeal Keyboard for Gamers and FPS Pron
  • Fn Key Doesn’t Work on macOSnComes with Linear Switchesn

3. KINESIS Ergonomic Keyboard

KINESIS GAMING keyboard meets all hardcore gamers’ needs due to the split and ergonomic design and free style edge design, and RGB backlighting technology. This keyboard’s layout is specially designed to maximize your comfort, performance, and control and provide ultimate desktop configuration. The only downside of this keyboard is that its quality control is not the best.

Compatible with Multi-Devices

First of all, you get this keyboard with a 100% plug-and-play design, and it compatible with multi-devices like Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, etc. The outstanding feature of it is that it will not need any particular driver to run. You can easily connect it with your PC and laptop but keep in mind that you need a full-sized USB port to connect it.

Ergonomic Design for Typing and Gaming

At first glance, you get this keyboard with a versatile split and ergonomic keyboard design that is perfect for gaming and typing. Due to this feature and design, you can precisely type, maximizing your comfort, performance and control on keys. With this keyboard, you get the padded palm pads to support that will further enhance the overall performance.

If you are lloking for a keyboard that is espacially manufacture for gaming an typing so here you get the detailed guide about best budget keyboard for typing and gaming.

Fully Customized Mechanical Switches

This keyboard comes without a number pad by having 95 keys that are programmable for full customization. You can get a fantastic typing experience even at night as it comes with customized mechanical switches with RGB backlighting. Mechanical switches maximize your performance, and RGB lighting provides special two-tone effects.

In the end, if you want full support and comfort, then we especially recommend buy a KINESIS GAMING keyboard with an ergonomic design.

  • Plug-and-Play DesignnFully Customizable 95 KeysnProvide Maximum Performancen100% Mechanical SwitchesnErgonomic Design for Great Typing and GamingnComes with RGB BacklightingnPalm Pads Provide Comfortn
  • Not 100% Plug-and-Play DesignnQuality Control is Not Goodn

4. Kinesis Freestyle 2 Ergonomic Keyboard

Get an excellent and outstanding typing and gaming experience due to ergonomic design of Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard that comes without the number pad. The adjustable design increases the comfort level and boosts your productivity as it perfectly achieves natural hand position. You can get tactile and low-profile switches with this keyboard, but on the other hand, some users say that its Bluetooth technology is unreliable.

Ergonomic Adjustable Design

You get this keyboard with a Freestyle2 ergonomic and split-adjustable design that will provide your complete comfort and full-body support. You can move the separate modules of this keyboard and set it according to your shoulder width, and it will keep the wrist straight.

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Compatible with Multi Devices

You can use this keyboard with multi-devices as it is compatible with macOS, Android, and windows. You get it with multi-channel Bluetooth technology, and it will allow you to pair the keyboard with 3 Bluetooth devices. It is compatible with MacBook, iMac, iPhone and iPad, and you can instantly switch it between them.

Palm Support and Tactile Switches

The great thing about this keyboard is that it comes with tactile mechanical switches that provide satisfied feedback on every tap. As you know, you don’t get to see any numeric pad on the top of this keyboard, so it allows for comfort during typing. Also, the palm support you get with it maximize the overall comfort level.

Lastly, if you are looking for a fully ergonomic style keyboard to maximize your comfort, then the Kinesis Freestyle2 keyboard is a perfect choice.

  • Adjust your Body Due to Ergonomic DesignnMulti-Channel Bluetooth TechnologynCompatible with macOS and Other DevicesnPalm Support for Maximum ComfortnLow Force Tactile Switchesn94 Keys Keyboard Without Number Padn6 Month Battery Life
  • Bluetooth Technology is UnreliablenOnly Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and Later Versions

5. VELOCIFIRE TKL02 Keyboard

Get an impressive and satisfying typing and gaming experience due to the ergonomic style of the VELOCIFIRE TKL02 keyboard. It is the perfect choice for you if you are a typist, copywriter, and programmer. Due to RGB backlighting technology, you can work even at night without hesitation, but the only downside of this keyboard is getting a loud ring sound when the keypress.

Ergonomic Design and Optimized Productivity

When you are using this keyboard, it offers consistently efficient and stable typing productivity, and it is durable last for decades. Its ergonomic design is best and ideal for you as a writer and a gamer, and you can extend your long sessions without any hesitation. It is a mechanical keyboard, and it will enhance your typing speed and provide accuracy.

Vast Compatibility and Ten Keyless Keys

Once you decide about buying this keyboard, you don’t need to worry more because it provides a vast range of compatibility. It is compatible with Windows and Linux, but on the other hand, it is not fully compatible with macOS that may disappoint you. You get it with standard keyboard layout without the numeric pad, and its design can fit anywhere. You can even work on your small desk due to its compact ten keyless size.

Low-Noise Browns Switches

When you press the keys using this keyboard, the tactile bump and low-noise brown switches deliver satisfying feedback. You can type with this keyboard comfortably, and it enhances your typing speed and productivity. You don’t feel any noise, but some users say that it delivers a loud ring sound.

If you never use any mechanical keyboard before, choose the VELOCIFIRE TKL02 keyboard once, and your decision will never be wrong.

  • Ideal for Gamers, Programmers, and CopywritersnLow-Noise Tactile Bump SwitchesnTen Keyless Keys Perfect for ProgrammersnProvides Optimized ProductivitynCompatible with Multi DevicesnIncrease Typing Speed and Provide AccuracynErgonomic and Stable KeystrokenComes with Double-Shot Mode KeycapnReasonably Pricedn
  • Longevity is PoornLoud Ring Sound When Key PressnNot Fully Compatible with macOSn

6. DREVO Gramr Keyboard

As a gamer, play games with full of comfort and maximum freedom with the DREVO Gramr keyboard. Its ergonomic design allows you to play games in a natural position. You can type and play games even at night as it comes with white backlighting technology. Overall, this keyboard provides attractive features, but the only downside is that its customer support is terrible.

Unique Layout and Compact Design

At first glance, you get this keyboard with a compact design and unique layout that provides an exceptional and outstanding typing experience. Also, its unique layout comes with the 84-key that offers ABS double-shot keycaps. All the keys are manufactured with top-level premium materials and prevent the keyboard keys from being damaged.

Multi-Media Keys with Backlighting

All the keyboard keys offer great functions, and the 12 keys come with a multi-media feature. Its multi-media keys provide you to perform such as email, volume, lock windows, etc. actions. Also, these keys come with the outstanding feature of white backlighting technology, and you can play games even at night.

Attractive Feature and Game Modes

Besides, this keyboard provides an excellent and attractive feature as it comes with the detachable USB type-c cable. This feature will enhance the overall typing and gaming experience. The great thing about this keyboard is that it comes with N-key revolver keys specially manufactured for game mode.

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Lastly, if you are looking for gaming keyboards without a number pad, then the DREVO Gramr keyboard is specially manufactured by keeping in mind all your needs.

  • Comes with Compact DesignnProvides Compact LayoutnKey-Revolver KeysnFast and Accurate Key PressnWhite RGB BacklightingnDetachable USB Type-C CablenImprove your Typing Speedn12 Multi-Media Function Keysn
  • Customer Support is TerriblenSome Keys are Faultyn


Hope you are familiar with all the best ergonomic keyboard without number pad mentioned above that provides comfort during typing and gaming. You can use this keyboard in a natural position as a gamer, copywriter, and programmers.

If you are still confused about which keyboard is perfect in all of them, we especially recommend buying a KINESIS GAMING keyboard. It is available in two different modules, and you can easily manage it as per your hand and wrist position.