What are the 3 types of keyboards

What Are The 3 Types of Keyboards? 2022

Before talking about what are the 3 types of keyboards? we need to know what is the keyboard and why we use it? The keyboard is an input device of any computer that allows any person to enter letters, numbers, and various symbols inside the computer.

When you enter a lot of data through the keyboard is called typing. Also, inside a keyboard, you see a variety of mechanical switches known as “keys.”

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After learning about keyboards, let’s find out the different types of keyboards.

Different Types of Keyboards

Before we mention “what are the 3 types of keyboards?. So below, you are introduced to the 11 types of computer keyboards.

  1. Mechanical Keyboards
  2. Membrane Keyboards
  3. Ergonomic Keyboards
  4. Gaming Keyboards
  5. Flexible Keyboards
  6. Vertical Keyboards
  7. Wireless Keyboards
  8. Virtual Keyboards
  9. Multimedia Keyboards
  10. Handheld Keyboards
  11. Projection Keyboards

When it comes to different types of keyboards for computers, here are 11 types of keyboards you can see. All the keyboards mentioned above come with different features, and you can use them in different ways.

What are the Major 2 Categories of Computer Keyboards?

You may be familiar with all types of keyboards, but here are two significant types of computer keyboards:

  • Basic Keyboard
  • Extended Keyboard

When we first talk about the basic keyboard, you get to see 104 keys on it. It is enough to perform all the functions and tasks running on a Windows PC.

On the other hand, it is a little different from the basic keyboard when it comes to extended keyboards as it comes with additional keys. This keyboard is specially designed for manufacturing companies and professionals.

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What Are The 3 Types Of Keyboards Based on Size and Options?

different types of keyboards for computers

When we compare different keyboards, you get to see 4 types of keyboards depending on the size and option.

  • Standard Keyboard: The standard keyboard feature is that it comes with roughly three-quarters inch on center with travel of at least 0.150 inches.
  • Flexible Keyboard: Inside the flexible keyboard, you find a special type of material, and it is made of silicone and other soft polymers. What makes it unique is that you can bend it anywhere you want, and it is strong and water-resistant.
  • Laptop Size Keyboard: Laptop-sized keyboards are known as another very simple and commonly used keyboard. Laptop-sized keyboards are known as another very simple and commonly used keyboard.
  • Handled Keyboard: Another keyboard, known as the handled keyboard, has unique features and makes it easy for you to operate while typing.

So above, you also get to see four types of keyboards depending on the size and options.

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What Are The 3 Types Of Keyboards Based On Keys?

When the keyboard is divided into different types based on their keys, three keyboards come out.

  • First comes the original PC keyboard with 84 keys inside.
  • Secondly, you get to see the AT keyboard, and in this, you also get to see only 84 keys.
  • Finally, you get to see the enhanced keyboard, which is also known as an extended keyboard, and inside it, you get to see 101 keys.

How Many Main Parts of Keyboards?

two types of keyboards

You can see many keys on the keyboard, but below we will talk about its 5 main parts. Below you are introduced to the five parts that are known as the main parts inside any keyboard.

  1. Function Keys: When it comes to the function key, it is known as the line on the top of the keyboard (F1, F2, etc.)
  2. Control Keys: The control keys are known as insert key, home page key, and the page up keys and their opposites keys on the upper right.
  3. Typing Keys: Typing keys like (a, b, c, 1, 0, etc.) are known as typing key, and it is one of the most important and significant keys of any keyboard.
  4. Movement Keys: The up, down, left, and right arrow keys are known as movement keys on any keyboard.
  5. Number Keys: Number keys are also known as movement keys, and it looks like up, down, left-right navigation arrow.

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What are the Characteristics of the Different Types of Keyboards?

When it comes to keyboards, you get to see a lot of their benefits and features, which are mentioned below:

  • Using the keyboard, you can get things done faster and quicker
  • They play a vital role in installing large amounts of data into a computer in minutes and seconds
  • They are also available at a reasonable price for you
  • If you do not have a mouse, you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse

Therefore, using the keyboard gives you many benefits, and some of them are mentioned above.

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What is a Normal Keyboard Called?

The normal or standard keyboard is also known as the “QWERTY” keyboard. It is because you get to see the numbers 1 to 0 and a separate numeric keypad on the top of these keyboards. Also, it comes with the punctuation symbols and A-Z symbols with the “QWERTY” sequence.

What are the 2 Types of Keyboards?

When it comes to the keyboards, it comes with two major types: a basic and extended keyboard. The major difference between these keyboards is that the basic keyboards come with 104 keys, performing all the functions. On the other hand, the extended keyboards come with some additional keys that will allow you to perform various functions.

Why is Qwerty not ABCD?

When the keyboards are invented the first time, the keys are arranged alphabetically or in ABCD order. Due to these arrangements, peoples are type fast, so the character’s arms got tangled up. Therefore, keeping in mind, these keys were randomly arranged would slow down the typing speed that will prevent key jams.