how to enable usb keyboard on boot

How to Enable USB Keyboard on Boot?

How to enable USB keyboard on boot? It is a very commonly asked question. Most of the time, you need to use the keyboard on the boot menu for many reasons, including installing windows, access to BIOS, or set date and time etc. Often, your keyboard doesn’t work at the startup or boot menu, and you can’t press your corresponding keys. After that, you have only two options, you either fix the keyboard or replace it.

Below you will be provided with a complete guide about how to enable a USB keyboard in bios? Before we know how to fix this problem, it is imperative to know what the boot menu is and its uses.

Why We Use Boot Menu?

When we talk about the boot menu, it is a menu accessible for you when the computer is first starting up. The boot menu contains many different devices options that you can boot, including CD, DVD, flash drive, or hard drives, and a LAN. By using the boot menu, you can choose the device you want to use.

It will also allow you to install a new operating system on a computer and it will play a beneficial role. You can quickly boot the other operating system and application using the boot menu even if you are using your PC as an operating system.

How to Enter in Boot Menu?

It is imperative to let you know that the keyboard is significant to enter into the boot menu. When your computer is starting up, you can easily enter into the boot menu by pressing several keys on the top of the keyboard. There are many keys to enter into the boot menu, but the common ones used to enter into the boot menu are Esc, F2, F10 or F12.

These keys are depending on the various manufacturer of the laptop or PC motherboard. The specific key eligible for your motherboard to enter into the boot menu usually press when the computer startup screen appears.

Lastly, hope you are familiar with what is a boot menu and how you can access it. After knowing about it below, you get the detail about if your USB keyboard will not work before boot, what should you do.

How to Enable USB Keyboard on Boot?

There is two way to attach your keyboard with your computer. The first one is to connect the keyboard with the PC is to use the PS2 connector, and the second one is to use the USB cable. First of all, when it comes to the PS2 connector, it is a connector on your motherboard that comes with several pins sticking out of it. You get it in round shape, and this connector has been used for many decades.

On the other hand, when you use the USB connector to connect the keyboard with your PC, it is easier for you. Here you need to keep in mind that the USB ports are funky to be less reliable for you. Thus, to enable the USB keyboard on boot, two ways mentioned below.

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  • Troubleshoot a Keyboard with PS2 Connector
  • Troubleshoot a keyboard with a USB Keyboard

Troubleshoot a Keyboard with PS2 Connector

Your first step is to determine if there is a problem with your keyboard or with the PS2 keyboard as it will not working in the boot menu. The easiest way to check the keyboard is working or not is to find out that the num lock light or various LED’s working or not.

If the Light Do Not Turn On: if the light does not turn on, make sure that the connection between keyboard and PC must be tight. If the connection is tight and the light is still not turning on, it may be your keyboard issue, and you need to replace it.

If the Lights Turn on Momentarily: If your turn on the computer and you get to see the keyboard lights are turned on, it can communicate with the PC. On the other hand, if the lights on and the keyboard still do not work with the PC and the operating system has finished loading, you need to restart the PC to recheck it.

Check the USB Port: Another biggest reason that makes an issue and your keyboard do not enable USB keyboard on boot is the malfunctioning of USB port. You can also get many types of optical mouse that comes with the PS2 connector. Therefore, to ensure that the PS2 port is okay or not, you need to connect the mouse inside this PS2 port. If the mouse works well, the issue is in your keyboard, but the PS2 port will be damaged if it does not work.

You need to keep in mind when you are access to your computer BIOS that find a setting that will allow you to halt boot up for a keyboard error. Not all the BIOS setting have these options therefore if you don’t get to see this option so you can skip this step.

If your keyboard lights are still not working, you need to replace the keyboard with a new one or check the wire of the keyboard and repair it if it is damaged.

Troubleshoot a keyboard with a USB Keyboard

If you are using a keyboard that comes with a USB port, it offers you a great advantage. Although it provides incredible advantages, the truth is that it is less reliable than the standard PS2 from the 1980s. When you are using the USB keyboard, it stops working immediately and suddenly starts working again.

Even if you are using a USB keyboard, you can apply the troubleshooting techniques mentioned above on it without any hesitation. Here you need to start your computer connected with the USB keyboard and check the lights are on or off. Also, make sure that your computer’s BIOS is set to halt keyboard errors.

If the keyboard does not work so unplug it, and plug the USB mouse on the port where the USB keyboard is plugged before. If the mouse’s lights will turn on, it is an issue with your keyboard. Conversely, if the mouse’s light does not turn on and the mouse will not be working, it means that the USB port is malfunctioning.

On the top of the PC, you get several USB ports, so if the USB keyboard not working on the boot menu so change the connection of the ports. By following this method, it is a high chance that your keyboard is working again in the boot menu. Even if the keyboard still not working so you need to follow the methods mentioned below

PS2 Connector: After connecting the USB keyboard into all the USB ports and it still not working, you need to buy the PS2 connector. The PS2 connector efficiently works with both the keyboard and mouse and can use it as a USB connector and it is available for you at a reasonable price. It is a rare case that your keyboard and USB port are still not working simultaneously.

how to enable usb keyboard in bios

If you are using a wireless keyboard so this issue may be occurred due to the wireless range so it is very important to know how far do wireless keyboards/mice work?


Therefore, hope that your concerned about How to enable USB keyboard on boot? Will gone by following all the methods mentioned above. After working, you can easily access the boot menu and use it for various purposes and fulfill your need. Even if you are using a USB keyboard PS2 keyboard, you can easily eliminate all types of problems without any hesitation.