Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard

Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard? 2022 Detailed Guide

The CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) is one of the best and famous multi-player first-person games that play worldwide. Most of the time, you can see that pro-CSGO players tilt their keyboard while playing it. When you see it, the question comes to your mind is that why do CSGO players tilt their keyboard?

There are lots of reasons behind tilting the keyboard while playing the CSGO game. One of the biggest reasons behind it is that gamers want to play games full of comfort or have limited space. So, keeping in mind your question, we come up with a detailed guide, and here you get the complete information on why do professional CSGO players tilt their keyboards.

Let’s take a closer look at why CSGO players tilt their keyboards and the benefits of doing it.

Why Do CSGO Players Tilt Their Keyboard? Reasons

why CSGO players tilt their keyboards

There are lots of reasons for changing the keyboard position while playing CSGO or any game. But here we come up with the three main and leading reasons that will cause to tilt the keyboard during gaming.

  1. Limited Desk Space
  2. Easier Access to Keyboard Keys
  3. Comfort

These are the leading cause of tilting the keyboard when you are playing a CSGO game. So, let’s take a deeper look at all of these factors and let you know why these factors cause to change in the keyboard position.

Limited Desk Space

Is it better to tilt your keyboard when gaming

Most of the time, when the pro gamers play games inside the home, they do not tilt the keyboard. But, on the other hand, when gamers play games inside the tournament, they have limited desk space, so the CSGO players tilt their keyboards.

When the CSGO player tilts the keyboard inside the competition, he will get more space for moving the mouse. Tilting the keyboard also help other team gamers to play a competition with excessive space that will not cause any distraction. Therefore, limited desk space is one of the main reasons for tilting the keyboard.

Easier Access to Keyboard Keys and Buttons

As you know, gamers use the best gaming keyboard to play CSGO or any game, so gaming keyboards are come up with some special buttons and keys. These keys and function buttons help them play games with more function, so most gamers tilt their keyboard to access these keys and buttons.

These buttons will increase productivity while playing games like CSGO, so you get full access and control on these keys after tilting the keyboard. In addition, when you tilt your keyboard and get control of these function keys so you can win all the CSGO gaming competitions.

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When you play the CSGO game after tilting the keyboard, this position provides you more comfort during extended gaming sessions. Every gamer plays games in different positions, so it may be more comfortable for them when they tilt their keyboard.

Another significant and more important reason why do CSGO players tilt their keyboards is that this position provides comfort to gamers. When the gamers get comfort so it is high chance, they will play games full of energy and win the competition.

Alternative to Tilting Your Keyboard

If you don’t want to play a CSGO game with a tilting keyboard, you feel uncomfortable, so you don’t need to worry more because we come up with some alternatives.

Buy Keyboard Without Number Pad

Buy a keyboard without a number pad, reduce the overall size and make it a small keyboard. The benefits of using the small keyboard are that you can even use it on a small desk. Therefore, you don’t need to tilt the keyboard for playing games like CSGO.

On the other hand, most gamers want to play CSGO with macros or a number pad, so the keyboard without a number pad is not a good choice for you.

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Use Bigger Desk for Gaming

Now, if you want to play a CSGO game with a full-sized keyboard and never tilt the keyboard, the only solution is to buy a bigger desk. Invest your money to buy a bigger desk or table for gaming, and all your concern about tilting the keyboard will go. Unfortunately, it often happens that you don’t have a high budget and more space inside your home to consider it in the future.

Buy a Half Keyboard

If you don’t want to buy a bigger desk, the only option is to get half the keyboard. Unfortunately, on the top of these half keyboards, you only get to see some specific keys that you can use to play CSGO or any game. So here, you get the best half keyboard for gaming that will eliminate the hassle of tilting the keyboard.

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Why Shouldn’t You Tilt Your Keyboard?

After knowing that, why do pro gamers turn their keyboard? You need to know that what are the disadvantages of tilting the keyboard. There are lots of drawbacks if you are playing a CSGO game for extended gaming sessions.

One of the most significant drawbacks of turning the keyboard is that it will cause wrist pain if you can use it for a long time. When you finish your gaming sessions, it probably happened that you feel the excessive strain on your wrist that will cause serious injury in future. Therefore, you need to be careful about it and, as a CSGO player, tilt your keyboard for the minimum time.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tilting the Keyboard

  • Tilt Your Keyboard and Get Maximum SpacenEasy Access to More Keys and ButtonsnProvides Comfortable Gaming PositionnEnhance Your Gaming Performance and ProductivitynMinimize the Strain of the WristnBest for Better Mouse Movement
  • Cause Writs Pain After Using Long PeriodsnMaybe Uncomfortable for Some Gamers


In the end, if we summarize, so we hope that you get a detailed answer about why do CSGO players tilt their keyboard. There are many benefits of tilting the keyboard in many terms, and it is an excellent choice for gamers. Conversely, the only downside is that it maybe causes excessive pain in your wrist if you continuously use it for long periods. According to our recommendation, if you have smaller desk space, tilting the keyboard is an excellent choice.


Why Do People Put Their Keyboards at An Angle?

In the competition, all the gamers and players are seated very close to each other and have limited space to use the keyboard properly. Therefore, all the gamers are put their keyboards at an angle to get better performance, comfort, and access to the keyboard keys.

Is it Better to Tilt Your Keyboard When Gaming?

All professional gamers need confidence and comfort while playing games, so tilting the keyboard is excellent for maximum comfort. In addition, tilting the keyboard is very beneficial as you get more accuracy, desk space, and a comfortable gaming set-up.

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