How to Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout

How to Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout 2022

Whenever you talk about the keyboard’s backlight, you don’t see the effect unless you use it yourself. It is incredibly beneficial when working at night, and it enhances your typing and gaming experience.

Usually the backlight of some keyboards sleep if you are not using the keyboard. Therefore, it is imperative to figure out that how to change keyboard backlight timeout.

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How to Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout

If you have the keyboard of any company, whether it is built-in or external, you can efficiently increase or decrease the backlight timeout. To accomplish this, you have two options: either you go into the BIOS setup, or you go into the Access Backlit Keyboard Timeout Settings.

Before you do this, you must keep in mind that the keyboard’s backlit is never fully on for all time, but you can control it. So, keeping in mind all your needs,We have compiled a detailed guide on how to can change the backlit keyboard timeout.

How to Change Dell Keyboard Backlight Timeout?

If you want to increase the backlight timeout of a Dell laptop, the only solution is to enter the BIOS setting. You can increase all types of dell laptop keyboard backlight timeout by using the BIOS option.

You need to restart your Dell laptop or computer to enter into the setting of BIOS. You need to press and hold the f2 key on the top of the keyboard when your PC or laptop restarts. After pressing the f2 key, you are entering into the BIOS setup, and here you need to follow some steps mentioned below by using your mouse.

When you have entered into the BIOS setup system, you need to find the system configuration option using your mouse. Now twist your mouse cursor and just bring down the mouse, and here you can find the option like “Keyboard Function” or “Keyboard Backlight Timeout on AC”.

When you are there, you will see many options to control the keyboard backlight timeout. If you are doing it to see the backlight timeout option set it at 10 sec or 1 minute by default. Thus, you can set up the option as per your need to 5 minutes or 30 minutes to fulfil your needs.  

In the end, after you apply the changes to your laptop, it restarts again, and the issue is solved

How to Change Keyboard Backlight Timeout Huawei?

If you are using a Huawei laptop or pc keyboard, you can easily change the keyboard backlight timeout by following some simple steps. The great thing about the Huawei laptop or pc is that you don’t need to enter into the BIOS set up to change the keyboard backlight timeout.

All you have to do is run your Huawei laptop or PC and arrive at the desktop screen. Now, on the top of the Huawei laptop, you need to press the Fn key. On the upper side of the Huawei keyboard, you get to see the backlight option as keys like f3 etc. After pressing the fn key, you need to press the backlight on or off key and set it up as per your requirement.

You can turn off, turn on, or change the Huawei backlit keyboard timeout without any hesitation. The Huawei keyboard is fully customized, and the most significant advantage is that you don’t need to go in setting or BIOS setup.

In the end, hope that you can easily customize the backlight of the Huawei keyboard by following the method mentioned above.

How to Open Keyboard Backlight Settings Windows 10?

Most of the modern keyboard comes with laptops or PCs, allowing you to use the keyboard even in low light conditions due to the backlight. All these systems are built-in the Windows 10 operating system because it is the most advanced operating system.

Therefore, if you are thinking about changing the keyboard backlight timeout in Windows 10, so here you get a detailed guide about it. Here you get the two options that you can follow to adjust the keyboard backlight in windows 10.

Method 1:  Use Windows Mobility Center

The first method you can follow to turn on the keyboard backlight on windows 10 is to use the windows mobility center option. The benefits of using the windows mobility center are that it will allow you to figure out specific hardware like a keyboard, mouse, audio speakers, etc. Here you get the step-by-step guide to adjust the keyboard backlighting in windows 10.

  • First of all, Press the Windows key + S and search for Control Panel
  • Now Locate Windows Mobile Center
how to change keyboard backlight timeout
  • If you have Backlit so click on backlighting
  • Here make sure that the backlit option is turned on
  • Also, adjust the backlit timeout setting in the windows mobility center

By following these steps, you can easily control and change the keyboard backlight timeout in windows 10 without entering into the BIOS set up.

Method 2: Use Laptop Dedicated Controller

Most of the laptops and PC you can buy comes with a built-in application that will allow the user to control the device like display, touchpad, and keyboard brightness & backlight etc.

So, if you are using a laptop or pc that still runs Windows 10, maybe it will have a dedicated controller application.

All you have to do is to open this application you get to see the many options, and you can adjust it as per your requirement. Inside this dedicated application, you get to see the keyboard backlighting option, so here, you can turn it on or off without any problem. You can also change the keyboard backlight timeout at your fingertips.