how to control volume on keyboard windows 10

How to Control Volume on Keyboard Windows 10? 3 Steps – 2022

If you are a Windows user and have been using Windows for quite some time, you will find that the Windows 10 system is constantly evolving for the better. When it comes to Windows computers, you get to see a lot of functionality in them as they are being used for various methods of entertainment in modern ways. Despite having so many functions, one of the main questions that comes to users’ minds time and time again is how to control the volume on the Windows 10 keyboard?

There are some functions that you simply can not perform in Windows 10, but are an easy possibility for Mac users. The difference here is, that when it comes to the Apple Mac Book, you have Hotkeys that you can easily use to turn the volume up and down using the keyboard. But have no fear, controlling the volume on Windows 10 is possible and can easily be done.

If you want to adjust the volume inside Windows 10 using the keyboard, here are the two best ways to control it. Let’s get into the different methods to do so.

Control Volume on Windows 10 with 3RVX

If you want to control the volume on Windows 10 using your keyboard, then 3RVX software will be very beneficial for you. Using this application will allow you to make hotkeys, and by using it, you can also get a customizable screen display.

The great thing about this application is that you can precisely tune how sensitive the volume retorts by using the hotkeys. Presented below is detailed information on how you can use this 3RVX application.

  1. First, download the latest version of 3RVX software.
  2. Now, use the start menu to open the app, and it will open the settings menu of the 3RVX.
  3. Click on the hotkeys tab and customize the hotkeys for the keyboard in order to adjust the volume up or down. Here, keep in mind that you can adjust the keys manually because you won’t get the default options.
  4. To add the hotkeys, find the + button by using the setting interface.
  5. Now click on the grey bar under the hotkey’s editor header, next to keys.
  6. In this step, you need to type a hotkey at the dialog box.
  7. Make sure to use different keys that are already not linked to another function.
  8. Here you can dictate what action will be completed.
  9. To do so, click on the action menu at the right below the grey box
  10. Choose the keys that you can use to adjust volume, like increase, decrease, mute, etc.
  11. By using this 3RVX application, you easily create hotkeys that adjust the screen brightness.
  12. Now make the hotkeys for all the 3 volume actions and click on “apply.”
  13. Finally, click on “save changes,” which will allow you to now easily adjust the volume on your device, along with screen brightness, by using the hotkeys that you have created.

The use of 3RVX software proves to be best for you, and by using this, you can easily adjust the volume, and your concern about how to control the volume on a Windows 10 keyboard will no longer exist.

How to Control the Volume on a Keyboard by AutoHotKey (AHK)

If you don’t want to use the 3RVX software to adjust the volume by using the keyboard in Windows 10, you can use the AutoHotkey scripting language. The AHK proves to be the best and powerful scripting language for your Windows 10 to adjust the volume.

If you don’t know how to use this AutoHotKeys scripting language to adjust the volume using the keyboard, you’ve come to the right place to learn. Below you can get a detailed piece of information about how to use the AHK scripting language.

  1. We have come up with two scripts, and the first AHK script is very basic. You enter into a .AHK file and then double click on AHK file.
  2. By using this basic AHK script, it will offer simple hotkeys control for you.
  3. To control the volume in Windows 10, all you have to do is use the “alt” key and left arrow key, “alt” key, and use the right arrow key to adjust the volume up or down.
  4. Here the first and basic script that you can use for AHK:




The above AHK script is very basic, and it will not give you full function like full indicator options. On the other hand, if you can use the second script specially written to allow you to get the full function and sound indicating options, as shown below. By using this script, you don’t need to worry about how to get volume control back on the keyboard windows 10.



#SingleInstance force




TrayTip:=”Alt+LeftArrow or Alt+RightArrow to adjust volume” . “`nCurrent Volume=” . Volume

TrayIconFile:=A_WinDir . “System32DDORes.dll” ; get tray icon from DDORes.dll

TrayIconNum:=”-2032″ ; use headphones as tray icon (icon 2032 in DDORes)





















TrayTip:=”Alt+LeftArrow or Alt+RightArrow to adjust volume” . “`nCurrent Volume=” . Volume



Using the above AHK script will allow you to quickly adjust the volume on windows 10 with the hotkey as per your requirement.

Top 7 Ways to Adjust Volume Up or Down on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, you don’t have to worry about controlling volume because presented below are the top 7 ways to adjust volume up or down. By following all these methods mentioned below, you can get the answer about how to get volume control on keyboard Windows 10.

  • Adjust Volume with Setting of Windows 10:

Here is an excellent way to control the volume if you are using Windows 10. You can easily adjust the volume on Windows 10 using the term “Setting> Ease of Access> Audio.

  • Use Volume Button on Tablet:

If you are using Windows 10 on your tablet, you can easily control the volume by using the up or down button on the tablet.

  • Create Volume Shortcut:

As a Windows 10 user, if you want to control the volume, you can easily create or download the volume control shortcut on your desktop.

  • Use Volume Mixer:

Here is an excellent way to control the volume on Windows 10 by following the term “Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Adjust System Volume.” Here you get the volume mixer, and you can control the sound without any hesitation.

  • Control Volume with Speakers:

Another great way to control the volume is to use the speakers. When you are listening to music, you get to see the volume controller on the top of the speaker to adjust the music volume as per your requirements.

  • Use Speaker Icon on Windows 10:

If you are using Windows 10, you don’t need to worry about controlling the volume. On Windows 10, you get to see the volume icon at the right corner of the desktop. Therefore, tap on this icon and control the volume of your music easily.

  • Control the Volume by Using Keyboard:

When you are using a laptop to see the volume control button on the top of the laptop keyboard. It often happens that you can’t get these options or buttons on the computer keyboards, so the solution to this problem is above.

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Is There Keyboard Shortcut for Volume Control?

The question arises that “is there a keyboard shortcut for volume control?” Below is the best way to create a master volume control shortcut on windows 10 by assigning shortcut keys.

  1. First of all, you need to right-click on the empty area on your Windows 10 desktop, click on new, and tap on the shortcut.
  2. Secondly, easily paste the following terms in at the location of the item area: “%windir%System32SndVol.exe -f 49825268.”
  3. Now click on the Next button and give a name to the shortcut and finally click finish.
  4. In this step, right-click on the shortcut and then select properties.
  5. Inside the properties section of this file, click on the shortcut tab
  6. Here you can easily assign your desired shortcut keys like F8 or F9 in the shortcut key area.
  7. Finally, click OK and Apply.

Now you can get the keyboard shortcut on your Windows 10 desktop to adjust your PC’s volume, and your concern about how to adjust the audio level in windows 10 will go.


We hope that you get the answer about how to control the volume on the Windows 10 keyboard? By following all the above methods, you can easily control the volume without any hesitation. We especially recommend using the 3RVX application because it is easy to use, and you get the full command to adjust the volume up or down.

Finally, hope this guide proves to be informative and helpful for you, and by following all the above methods, your all concern will be gone.