7 Best Mechanical Keyboards with A Volume Wheel 2022

A mechanical keyboard with a volume wheel may seem to be a marketing gimmick to most people. And they sure are entitled to have their opinion. But those of you who find this kind of keyboard interesting and useful, we have curated a list of 7 incredibly efficient keyboards with dedicated volume wheels. 

Keyboards with volume wheels are not all the same. Some of them feature horizontal wheels while others vertical, and choosing that is really a matter of preference. But many keyboards feature sub par volume wheels that fall flat in the time of need. 

And that’s when you realize you should’ve given more thought to your decision before making a purchase. Anyway, we’ve saved you from all that hassle. 

Go on and check out our top picks to find the best keyboards with volume wheel!

Which are the Best Mechanical Keyboards with A Volume Wheel?

1. Redragon K550 Mechanical Keyboard

  • RGB Lights: Yes
  • Connectivity: USB Passthrough
  • Switches: Custom Purple Switches

This mechanical keyboard is a perfect option for gamers or even for office environments. It features an ergonomic design and offers great durability as well as responsiveness.

The best part about this keyboard is the fact the click sounds are not too loud. You’ll experience a medium click sound and a precise, tactile feedback that ensures you work with comfort.

Since you’re looking for a volume wheel, this keyboard can adequately meet that requirement of yours. The volume wheel is quite precise and allows a very accurate adjustment of the volume.

And oh did I mention wrist rest? This keyboard comes with a detachable wrist rest that comes in really handy for those of you who’re glued to their computers all day. 

Apart from that, the customizable RGB lighting is really impressive. The backlighting is quite clear and uniform. Moreover, you can even pick out colors for individual keys. Overall, the keyboard boasts an amazing design for ultimate user comfort and also offers convenience of programmable macro keys and shortcut keys.

  • Comes with a numeric padnMedium click soundnCan be programmed without driversn
  • Set up can be an issue for some n

2. Logitech G610 Orion

  • RGB Lights: No
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Switches: Cherry MX Red switches

The Logitech G610 is built with a performance driven design. And I say that because the mechanical switches of the keyboard are highly functional and easy to operate. This keyboard is great for gamers as well as typists.

The high quality Cherry MX switches ensure a precise click with minimal noise. Not only that but also Cherry MX switches of this keyboard tested great for durability. It can endure up to 50 million punishing keystrokes without breaking a sweat.

Also, the keyboard offers an integrated volume wheel that comes along with accessible media controls. You can effortlessly adjust volume or play, pause, or mute media right from your keyboard.

Other than that, you’ll find the key lighting pretty impressive too. The backlight of each key can be adjusted in terms of brightness. The keyboard also offers easy programming of the macro keys. 

Overall, the keys are amazingly responsive and provide a smooth typing or gaming experience. The media controls and volume wheel are quite accurate and easy to operate.

  • Excellent build quality nMatte finish keycapsnComfortable to usen
  • Lacks on-board memoryn

3. Redragon K580

  • RGB Lights: Yes
  • Connectivity: USB 
  • Switches: OUTEMU Blue

Looking for a high end keyboard on the budget? Well, the Redragon K580 will be your best bet. This mechanical gaming keyboard is designed for utmost comfort and high functionality. 

This mechanical keyboard features blue switches that offer durability and a clicky response on each stroke. The keys can withstand the wrath of 50 million unforgiving strokes and also, boast a short key travel of 2.3mm.

You can totally rely on this keyboard for your work or gameplay. Not to mention, the keyboard also comes with an integrated volume wheel which means you can adjust the volume as many times as you want even in the middle of the game. 

Additionally, you can adjust the keyboard backlighting with the help of a volume wheel. The keyboard also features dedicated macro keys as well as media controls on the top.

The custom RGB lighting of the keyboard is really impressive. You can customise the backlight of each key to make the keyboard convenient and cool. 

Overall,  the keys are tactile and render a very precise operation. The keyboard features a solid chassis that gives a very premium feel.

  • Exceptional quality nSmooth typing experience nDurable keycapsn
  • Can be a little loud for some people n

4. Logitech G915

  • RGB Lights: Yes
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB
  • Switches: GL

This one is a sleek and ergonomically designed mechanical keyboard with a tenkeyless form factor that keeps it compact and space saving. 

The Logitech G915 is everything that you’d possibly want from a keyboard. It is durable, comfortable, easy to use, and above all adequately responsive. 

Anyway, this keyboard features low profile GL switches that keeps the keyboard impossibly thin and compact. The mechanical switches are tactile, clicky, and linear. And all of this automatically equates to a great typing or gaming experience.

Despite being a low profile design, the keys deliver the performance, accuracy, and tactility of traditional switches. Other than that, you can find an integrated volume wheel on the keyboard as well. 

The on board media controls provide greater control at your fingertips. The volume, play, pause of the media can be easily adjusted simply through the keyboard.

The RGB lights sure are promising. The unique light sync technology reacts to the type of content and changes light according to that. Even more so, you can personalise the light of each key.

Lastly, you get 3 options with the GL clicky switch that allow you to seamlessly switch between GL Tactile, GL Linear, or GL Clicky. The keyboard is a thin yet rigid and durable design with a fantastic performance. 

  • 40 hours battery lifenLightspeed wireless connection nLow profile and compactn
  • Expensive n

5. STOGA Mk17 Mechanical Keyboard

  • RGB Lights: Yes
  • Connectivity: USB, USB-C
  • Switches: Blue Switches

This is a professional gaming keyboard that is designed to give you an exceptional experience. The matte finish of the keyboard looks really classy and on top of that, you’ll get to experience a sturdy and durable build. 

Anyway, starting with the switches on this keyboard that are perfectly tactile and clicky. With each stroke you can hear an audible click and enjoy the most satisfying tactile response. 

Additionally, this mechanical keyboard features anti ghosting. It means that no stroke will ever be missed by this keyboard no matter how fast you type. The blue switch keys are durable and highly responsive. 

The keyboard is also equipped with a volume control wheel that promotes a hassle free control over the volume and media playback. Not only that, you also get 19 function key combinations. 

The RGB lighting of the keyboard is worth mentioning too. The lights on each key are easily customizable and with the aid of flash memory, the backlight settings are automatically saved. 

Lastly, if you’re a clean freak, you’ll love the fact that the keycaps are easily removable for a deep clean.

  • Zero lost inputnPlug and play interface nExcellent build quality n
  • No software control for RGB lighting n

6. Rosewill Mechanical Keyboard

  • RGB Lights: 15 RGB Lights
  • Connectivity: USB Passthrough 
  • Switches: Brown switches

This keyboard is a killer combination of affordability and performance. It features all the right functions and delivers a smooth performance.

It features Cherry brown switches that deliver phenomenal comfort and longevity. The keys are tactile and responsive. You can feel the satisfaction of each click no matter how hard you’re going on the keyboard. The anti ghosting feature serves really well to ensure every click is recorded.

The keys are made to endure around 50 million strokes. The RGB backlighting of the keyboard is highly customizable. The brightness levels as well as the colors for each key can be adjusted according to your preference. 

The keyboard also boasts dedicated media controls and dedicated backlight controls that give you the privilege to stay fully in charge. Not to forget the highly anticipated volume control dial that helps you effortlessly adjust volume without interrupting your work or gameplay. 

Overall, this keyboard is a solid pass. However, the quality is not as consistent as it should’ve been.

  • Magnetic wrist restnVersatile connectivity nMultiple RGB configurationsn
  • Keys may be a bit too clicky n

7. ROCCAT Vulcan 122

  • RGB Lights: Yes
  • Connectivity: USB 
  • Switches: ROCCAT Titan Switches

The Roccat Vulcan 122 is a fantastic mechanical gaming keyboard that offers speed and durability on a budget. Also, the keyboard is built on a low profile design that requires minimal cleaning because it is built to resist dust build up.

Anyway, talking about the switches which are absolutely perfect in terms of tactility and responsiveness. The brown switches provide a swift and responsive keystroke. 

The crisp mechanical feel and medium click noise is perfect for gamers or typists. This keyboard also boasts a low profile design that looks and keeps you fatigue free at the same. 

Other than that, you can also adjust the volume directly from the keyboard via the volume control wheel. The volume is sturdy and accurate. Also, for added comfort this keyboard comes with a detachable palm rest too. 

The RGB backlighting of the keyboard not only adds to the appearance but also accounts for a convenient typing experience. The RGB lights are configurable and offer per key customization.

Overall, this keyboard is an all rounder with adequate responsiveness, speed, and tactility.

  • 2 year warrantynAnti ghosting keysnExcellent performance n
  • Keycap paint wears off quicklyn

Best Mechanical Keyboard with Volume Wheel: Buyer’s Guide

Mechanical keyboards are a real deal particularly for gaming freaks and typists. But over time, they’ve gained popularity amongst everyone who desires a durable and convenient keyboard. 

The key factor that makes or breaks a mechanical keyboard is the type of key switch it uses. Other miscellaneous features are secondary yet still important. Anyway, we’ll be doing a short run down on all of that. 

Make sure to check out the following features before you purchase your mechanical keyboard.

Key Switches

Mechanical keyboards are equipped with mechanical switches instead of dome switches that are easy to manufacture but lack tactility and responsiveness. 

Most mechanical keyboards today utilise the very famous Cherry MX switches. The Cherry switches render an unparalleled performance. They are built for extreme longevity and deliver a stunning response rate. 

The Cherry MX switches come in various types and can be distinguished by their colors. The most common colors in the Cherry MX switches are blue, black, red, and brown. Each of the Cherry Switches are unique in their own way. 

For instance, the Blue Switches generate an audible feedback with each click and are great for typists. On the other hand, Black Cherry Switches come with the highest actuation force and are great for precision related tasks. 

Similarly, the Red switches have a lesser actuation force, not clicky but work really well when a swift input is required. While Brown switches are more of a cross between red and blue. They offer tactile feedback yet the switches are not too clicky. 


The type of connectivity required for a mechanical keyboard is quite a matter of preference. Most keyboards are either functional via Bluetooth while others offer a USB connection. 

If you can make peace with battery operated keyboards then, you sure can go for bluetooth keyboards. However, make sure to look for a keyboard with a long lasting battery life.

Mechanical keyboards with a USB connection and USB passthrough are always great. In short, you should look for keyboards with versatile and convenient connectivity options.

Media Controls and Volume Wheel

Lastly, integrated media controls and volume wheel really make the performance more efficient. The volume wheels are especially great for avid gamers or for anyone, as a matter of fact. 

Integrated media controls on the keyboard give you the privilege to operate and adjust media playback without interrupting your work flow or gaming battles. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What mechanical keyboard is the loudest?

The Redragon K580 is quite a loud mechanical keyboard. It features Cherry MX Blue switches that produce a clear auditory feedback with each click so you can expect it to be one of the loudest keyboards out there.

What is a volume wheel on a keyboard?

As the name suggests, a volume wheel is a circular structure that helps you adjust the volume simply by spinning the wheel. You can find keyboards with integrated volume wheels or get a separate dedicated volume control wheel for your keyboard, as per your preference.

An integrated volume wheel allows you to adjust the volume without having to interrupt games or work.

What is the best mechanical keyboard in 2021?

There are many options but the Logitech G915 and Redragon K550 are the best mechanical keyboard in 2021.

Which mechanical keyboard is the quietest?

The Logitech G610 with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches is one the quietest keyboards on this list. It produces minimal noise yet renders precise keystrokes.

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