Best HTPC Keyboard with Trackpad

6 Best HTPC Keyboard with Trackpad 2021 Expert Review

When it comes to the best HTPC keyboard with trackpad, there are several reasons to choose it that make it a vital gadget. These keyboards are small, slim, handy, and comes with a trackpad/touchpad. The buttons you get on the top of this keyboard are compactly and precisely arranged, especially for easy typing.

Control your PC, TV, game consoles, tablet pc, and laptop conveniently without any hesitation by using these keyboards. After thorough research, we come up with the top 7 best keyboard for HTPC with trackpad that fulfill all your needs and available for you at a reasonable price.

Let’s try to find out their detail, advantages, and disadvantages and let you know about one of the excellent HTPC keyboards.

1. Logitech K400 Plus Best Cheap HTPC Keyboard with a Trackpad

Navigate your TV and computer more easily from the comfort by using Logitech K400 Plus Keyboard as per of your couch. You only need to type, click and scroll to watch videos, and it is an ideal keyboard for HTPC and comes with the trackpad. Also, you get it with a 10-meter wireless range and compact and slim design but sometimes tricky to control scrolling.

Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad

Effortlessly and wirelessly control your TV and computer with this Keyboard by using trackpad or touchpad. Quickly scroll, click, and type with this Keyboard without any difficulty and in a comfortable environment. When we talk about its connection type, so you get it with Logitech unifying protocol 2.4 Gigahertz. Its wireless technology offers you the convenience to use with a range of 10 meters.

Plug & Play Design and Best Keys Layout

Using this Keyboard to control various scrolling, videos, and operation, this Keyboard allows you easy access to volume controls and arrow keys. On top of it, you get to see the media-friendly key layout that proves to be perfect for eliminating any learning curve. Another great thing about this Keyboard is that it comes with a plug-and-play design. Due to this design, the unifying receiver of the Keyboard makes it easy for you to set up Keyboard easily.

Compact Design and Comfortable & Quiet Keys

It is the perfect Keyboard for the living room as it comes with a compact and slim design. This keyboard’s overall dimension is (Height 5.5-inch, width 14-inch, depth 1 inch) that makes it ideal and the best Keyboard for HTPC. You can type with this Keyboard without any hesitation as it comes with quiet and comfortable keys and a touchpad with the size of 3-inch.

Finally, if you want to control your videos in a comfortable HTPC environment, then the Logitech K400 Plus keyboard is the perfect choice for you.

  • Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad
  • Compact and Slim Design Keyboard
  • 10 Meter Wireless Range
  • Comes with Plug and Play Design
  • Comfortable and Quiet Typing Keys
  • Ideal Keyboard for HTPC
  • 84 Keys Silent Keyboard
  • 18 Months Battery Life
  • Compatible with Windows 7,8, and10
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Didn’t Work with Samsung TV or ROKU Apps
  • Difficult to Control Scrolling

2. Logitech K830 Illuminated Best HTPC keyboard for Sofa Use

Enjoy internet entertainment in your living room with lots of easiness by using the Logitech K830 Illuminated keyboard. Control your PC-connected TV without any hassle with this all-in-one HTPC keyboard by using its touchpad. Type and use the Keyboard even at night because inside you get to see the bright backlit keys, but its little expensive price may be disappointing you.

Easy Access Control for Living Room

At first glance, you get this Keyboard with an optimized layout that specially design for seamless, lean-back navigation. You get this Keyboard with a compact, slim, solid, and unique key design that makes it a worthy option for your living room. Also, you get it with premium textures and a metal-like finish. The hot media keys of this Keyboard offer you quick entertainment control.

Wireless Keyboard with Best Range

The touchpad or trackpad you get on the top of this Keyboard is very smooth and responsive that provides accurate cursor control, enhancing gesture functions. As you know, it is a wireless keyboard, so you get the 10-meter wireless range and the best Keyboard for Sofa Use. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, OS, and Android.

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Easy Typing and Comfortable HTPC Keyboard

This keyboard’s extraordinary and unique feature sets it apart from others because you effortlessly type on it even in any condition. Inside it, you get to see the sensor detect the amount of light inside the room, and the backlit keys are automatically dim and brighten as per your need. Finally, using the Logitech K830 Illuminated keyboard, you get an easy and comfortable typing experience even in the dark, so it is the perfect choice for you.

  • Comfortable Typing Experience Even in Dark
  • Offers Easy Access Control
  • Worthy Choice for Living Room
  • Wireless Keyboard with 10 Meter Range
  • Offers Seamless and Lean-Back Navigation
  • Smooth and Responsive Touch-Pad
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7
  • Comes with Media Hot Keys
  • Solid, Compact, and Silent Keyboard
  • Comes with Rechargeable Battery
  • Offers Bright Backlit Keys
  • Touchpad Has More Control Over Pointer than User
  • Little Bit Expensive
  • Design is Impractical by Some Users

3. Rii K18 Plus Best Mac HTPC Keyboard

Rii K18 Plus Keyboard provides excellent value for your money and the best HTPC keyboard for PC and TV. Easy to use and best system compatibility make it different from others. You get the big trackpad on the top of this keyboard, and wireless 3 color backlit keyboard keys. As you know, it comes with wireless technology, but its short battery life may be disappointing to you.

Wireless 3 Color Backlit Keyboard

You get this keyboard with the support of 3 backlit keyboard keys (red, green, and blue). You can use it wirelessly and quickly control various videos and operations. Also, you can type on it even in the dark and night due to its backlighting feature. Overall Keyboard is perfect, but according to some users, its wireless distance is very short.

System Compatibility and Warranty

When we talk about its system compatibility, this Keyboard could work with Android TV BOX, Smart TV, PC, Android, Windows, and Mac OS. Conversely, some media function keys are not working with Mac OS. Here the thing you keep in mind is that this Keyboard doesn’t support Samsung’s newest smart TV. In the compatibility term, this Keyboard is very disappointing, but overall, it provides excellent performance with a 12-month warranty.

Big Trackpad and Multi-Media Keys

You can quickly control brightness and volume by using this Keyboard because it comes with multimedia keys. All the shortcut keys have wireless control feature and with green color. Also, you can wirelessly control your PC with its big trackpad and zoom in/ zoom out with just two of your fingers. The big trackpad comes with the multi-point function touch keyboard that proves to be ideal for HTPC.

Finally, Rii K18 Plus Keyboard is ideal for HTPC and great value for your money if you buy it, you are not at a loss.

  • Keyboard Comes with the 3 Colors Backlit
  • Offers 12-Month Warranty
  • Get Multi-Media Point and Big Trackpad
  • Offers you Great Compatibility
  • Provide Multi-Media Function Keys
  • Ideal Keyboard for HTPC
  • Great Value for Your Money
  • Comes with Rechargeable Long Battery
  • Get USB Cable and Rechargeable Receiver
  • Comes with Very Short Distance
  • Worthless Without Battery
  • Battery Life is Short

4. Foldable Bluetooth Best HTPC Keyboard with Trackpad

If you are worried about working on your trip, you don’t need to worry about having this foldable wireless HTPC keyboard. You need to fold it and keep it with you as it is the best companion for you during business trip. You can type quickly and easily with it and control various entertainment with a trackpad, but its terrible battery time may be disappointing you.

Foldable Design with Touch-Pad Function

This Keyboard comes with a foldable and thin design that proves to be the perfect gift for anyone who often travels for a business trip. The great thing about this Keyboard is that you can even use it with your mobile devices. You can control your devices without a mouse because you get it with a touchpad function. You can conveniently use it due to its mini size and offers responsiveness.

Durable and Wide Compatibility

At the first sign, you get this Keyboard with an aircraft-grade aluminum durable body that delivers excellent stiffness. It is a solid and handy Keyboard for you that can withstand bumps. Also, during traveling or business trips, you can use it with iOS / Windows/ Android, but the downside is that its touchpad won’t work with iOS devices.

Fast Typing Experience and Rechargeable Battery

It is the best HTPC keyboard with a touchpad and the perfect choice for editors because you can write fast, easy, and error-free using this Keyboard. Another great thing about this Keyboard is that you get it with a rechargeable battery that is efficient and environmentally friendly.

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In the end, this foldable keyboard is the perfect choice for travelers, editors, and also for room living as it comes with foldable and wireless technology.

  • Convenient Trackpad and Touchpad Function
  • Extremely Thin and Foldable Design
  • Offers Wide Compatibility
  • Comes with Rechargeable Battery Life
  • Durable and Robust Body
  • Write Fast and Error Free with Responsive Keys
  • Flexible Keyboard with Touchpad
  • Deliver Great Performance
  • Touchpad Not Compatible with IOS
  • Sometimes Connection Stability Issue
  • Battery Life is Terrible

5. Microsoft All-In-One HTPC Keyboard for Sofa Use

Microsoft All-In-One is the best HTPC keyboard with a trackpad under 50 dollars that is perfect for a living room or home office. You get this Keyboard with a full-size keyset and an integrated multi-touch trackpad. Using this Keyboard, you can type, zoom, swipe, and drag with ease, but the only shortcoming of this Keyboard is that its design looks terrible.

Customizable Media Hot Keys and Trackpad

You don’t need to worry about controlling various media because this Keyboard comes with customizable media hotkeys. Using these keys provides one-touch access to your content, and you can control it easily. Also, the Integrated multi-touch trackpad you get to see inside this Keyboard provides effortless navigation, and you can control your PC with just your fingers.

Durable and Spill-Resistant Design

It often happens that your Keyboard is spill down sometimes while working, but now you don’t have to worry. It is primarily manufactured with durable materials and also comes with a spill-resistant design. These features protect your Keyboard from being damaged, and you can effortlessly type with this Keyboard.

Easy to Use Wireless Keyboard

Also, you can wirelessly connect this Keyboard with your TV and PC and control your various content. Easily use this Keyboard to control multiple entertainments activates as you get it with the wireless range of 10-meter. Finally, if you want your media at your fingertips, then the Microsoft All-In-One keyboard is the perfect choice for you.

  • Easily Connect with PC and TV and Watch Movies
  • Comes with Customizable Hot Keys
  • Offers Integrated Media Hot Keys
  • Durable and Spill-Resistant Design
  • Wireless Keyboard
  • Provides Effortless Navigation with Trackpad
  • Offers Basic Keyboard Functionality
  • Easily Control Your Media
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Terrible Design
  • Keyboard and Touchpad Not Use at the Same Time
  • You can’t pair it with a Bluetooth receiver

6. Logitech K600 Cheap HTPC Keyboard with a Trackpad

Get the more innovative way to control your PC and TV, and you can easily navigate layouts by using the Logitech K600 keyboard. Quickly perform complicated operations by using its excellent trackpad even with your two fingers. Also, at first sight, you get this Keyboard with outstanding design, but you feel the awkward feeling when you are using it.

Wireless Keyboard with All-in-one Navigation

Quickly navigate standard smart TV grid layouts due to its all-in-one navigation feature. You control your TV and PC by using both Keyboard and touchpad. Also, you can efficiently perform various complex tasks in just a few minutes and with full of easiness. It is a wireless keyboard that comes with a range of 15-Meter and provides a reliable connection.

Wide Compatibility and Media Hot Keys

Whenever we talk about its compatibility, this Keyboard is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You get it with the Bluetooth low energy technology, but here, it keeps in mind that it does not currently support Sony LCD TVs. Also, you get to see the hot media keys on top of it, and you can play & pause videos, control volumes, and adjust brightness.

Precise Touch Pad for Complex Tasks

The trackpad you get on the top of this Keyboard is specially designed for your smart TV and PC. Using it, you get the all-in-one navigation feature, and you can precisely control and handle various complex tasks. In the end, if you are thinking of buying a Logitech K600 keyboard, you are not at a loss, and all the controls are at your fingertips.

  • Comes with Outstanding Design
  • Offers Wide Compatibility
  • Media Hot Keys for Pause and Play
  • Wireless Keyboard with 15-Meter Range
  • Provide All-in-One Content Navigation
  • Reliable Wireless Connection with No Drop-Offs
  • Offers Easy-Switches Between Devices
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Comes with Integrated Touch-Pad
  • Provide Unifying Receiver Support
  • Keyboard is Clumsy to Use
  • Scroll Speed of Touchpad is Slow


Hope you are familiar with the best HTPC keyboard with the trackpad mentioned above. All of these keyboards are a great gadgets for your home, and you can easily control all your media with just your fingers.  You can use it for control media, and it provides a silent typing experience, and you can even use it at night.

We especially recommend buying the Logitech K600 keyboard because it is one of the best and cheap HTPC keyboard. You can quickly handle all your media and wirelessly use it with your PC and TV, and it offers a silent and smooth typing experience.

Finally, we hope that this guide proves to be helpful for you and you can easily conclude which keyboard is perfect for you.

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