why do gaming keyboards light up

Why Do Gaming Keyboards Light Up? (6 Main Reasons Why!)

Gaming keyboards are an essential part of being a gamer. That’s also why so many people are upset with them lighting up in their eyes and fingers when they’re trying to game. There are several reasons why a gaming keyboard can light up and has nothing to do with the customers.

So, Why Do Gaming Keyboards Light Up?

If you’ve looked at a gaming keyboard recently, you may have noticed that these keyboards light up. This is because they use LED lighting to provide additional visual feedback.

The lights can indicate the status of certain functions, such as the number of keys pressed or whether the mouse is being used.

Some gaming keyboards also have RGB LED’s that you can control with different patterns, colors, and effects. These are used for gaming purposes like adding more color and brightness to your gameplay.

Other reasons gaming keyboards light up include the software drivers running on your computer, which cause the backlight to turn on when they load. Another reason could be faulty manufacturers who don’t test their products correctly.

6 Main Reasons Why Gaming Keyboards Light Up

1. Helps in Customizing Your Keyboard

The first step in customizing your keyboard is to choose which keys you want to be lighted. You can choose from many different lighting styles, including RGB lighting and backlighting.

For example, you might want to use RGB lighting so that each key has its color instead of just being illuminated by one color as standard backlighting does.

You also need to decide if you want all the keys on your keyboard or just some of them to light up. If you have an older keyboard with only one or two keys that are always used, they may not need any extra lighting attached because they will never be used again once switched off.

However, if you have multiple functions on your keys, they might need additional illumination so they can be pressed easily without having to look at them directly in the dark room.

2. It Provides Unified Lighting

The key feature of a gaming keyboard is its lighting. It can be a single color or a rainbow of colors, but it must have some color. The reason why gaming keyboards light up is to provide unified lighting that is consistent throughout the keyboard.

This is important because if you’re playing in a dark room, you need to know where the keys are so that you don’t accidentally hit them.

The most common type of lighting in keyboards is RGB (Red, Green, Blue). These colors are used because each provides a unique mood for your gaming environment. For example, red lights are typically used for fun and excitement, while blue lights are used for relaxation and calmness.

3. It Enhances Backlight Clarity

It’s a common practice in the gaming industry to add lights to keyboards. They enhance backlight clarity so that the user can see their keys. This is especially useful for players who play in dark rooms and need to be able to see their fingertips as they type.

These lights are added to keyboards because they make it easier for users to see their fingers during gameplay.

It’s not uncommon for gamers to type at a rate of about 200 words per minute, so having lights on your keyboard can help you avoid mistakes or typos. The benefits of using lighted keyboards over regular ones include:

  • Better visibility: With lights on your keyboard, you’ll be able to see your fingers more clearly than with traditional keyboards that don’t have any lighting. If you’re playing FPS games, this will help prevent eye strain while playing long sessions of video games.
  • Less wear and tear: Because there are no moving parts like regular keyboards have, there’s less wear and tear on them over time compared to those with mechanical components.

4. Helps to Navigate Through the Darkness

Gaming keyboards are a great way to help gamers navigate their games and navigate the darkness. The illuminated keys make it easy to know where you are in the game and your next move. This makes gaming more accessible than ever, as you don’t have to search for your following location or character.

You can see everything at once without taking your eyes off the screen. Some other benefits of using an illuminated keyboard are when playing at night. In this situation, having lights on can help reduce eye strain and fatigue.

5. Aids in Typing Speed and Accuracy

Gaming keyboards are designed to aid in typing speed and accuracy. The keys work with your fingers, so you can type faster and more accurately than regular keyboards.

The keys on a gaming keyboard have been specially crafted to give you the best possible feel while gaming. You will find that the keys are more extensive than on standard keyboards and have more key travel (the distance of movement).

This means that your fingers can reach further before hitting the wrong key, which means you’ll be less likely to make mistakes during gameplay.

Some gaming keyboards even come with extra keys for special functions like macros or shortcuts, making it easier for you to play games at a quicker speed.

6. Enhances Your Gaming Experience

Gaming keyboards are a great way to enhance your gaming experience. They have more features than regular keyboards and can be customized to your liking. Some of the reasons why people prefer gaming keyboards over regular ones include:

  • Customizable light effects: You can choose from different modes of light effects. You can also personalize the color of the lights with the help of creating your custom color with one of the many options available on the market.
  • Multiple key bindings: Gaming keyboards come with multiple critical bindings so you can easily switch between different games, profiles or modes without having to go back to the main menu whenever you want to change something about your setup.
  • Memory storage: Some models come with a memory storage unit that allows you to save up to four profiles to easily switch between them when needed without having to go back into the main menu again.

Wrapping Up

Many keyboards include a few backlit keys to assist in typing at night. They are also used as status indicators and have a few added functions.

However, many of the most common backlit keys serve no purpose while gaming. Since gaming is often an all-night affair, some gamers want their keyboards to light up when using them.

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