Why Does My Keyboard Keep Freezing

Why Does My Keyboard Keep Freezing? (14 Main Reasons Why!)

A keyboard freezing is a common problem for most computers, and it can be quite irritating. But don’t worry; we’ve compiled all of the best tips for getting rid of this frustrating problem for good.

Read on to learn about what causes keyboard freezes, how to stop them from happening in the future, and how to fix your keyboard when it already has frozen up.

14 Main Reasons Why Your Keyboard Keeps Freezing

1. Check For Updates

Your keyboard could be freezing because your keyboard turns off while you’re typing. This can be because of software problems, or a problem with your keyboard itself. An easy way to fix this issue is by updating your computer’s software.

2. Change the Keyboard Settings

Your keyboard could be freezing because of bad settings. To fix this, you will have to go through the settings page for your keyboard, which can vary from computer to computer but usually involves hitting “F10” or reading through your computer’s help guide on its features.

Go through all of the settings for your keyboard and make sure you don’t see anything that looks like it could be causing a hang-up in it.

3. Replace The Keyboard

If updating your computer and changing settings don’t work, you might have to buy a new keyboard. To help find the right one for you, check out our review guide on the best gaming keyboards .

Just keep in mind that if your keyboard is freezing while you are typing, it may be that your keys are sticking or broken. In this case, a new keyboard will not solve your problem.

This can be quite annoying and often hard to troubleshoot. But don’t worry; we’ve got some simple tips to help fix your freezing keyboard and get back to business! Read on to learn how!

4. Clean The Keys

While keyboard freezes are often caused by a dirty or dirty-feeling key, this can be hard to troubleshoot. However, if you always keep your keyboard on a desk next to your computer, then you’re most likely not at fault for causing the problem.

You can try scrubbing the keys with a kitchen towel or dish cloth to remove any debris that could be causing the issue.

5. Remove The Key Caps If Necessary

Keyboard freezes can also be caused by key caps getting stuck down onto the keys too far down. To fix this, you can simply remove the key caps with tweezers if necessary and see if that helps your problem.

6. Clean The Key Plate

If the keys on your keyboard are getting dirty, you may have to clean the entire key plate by removing any debris that is blocking and causing the problem. To do this, remove the key plate from your keyboard if necessary and simply wipe it down with a cloth.

7. Replace The Keyboard If Necessary

If cleaning, scrubbing or tweezing doesn’t seem to work, you may need to replace it if all of these methods fail to fix your problem. To find out which one you will need and how much they cost, check out our review guide on gaming keyboards.

8. Contact The Manufacturer

If none of these fixes work, you may want to contact your keyboard’s manufacturer and see if they have any other solutions for your problem.

However, this can be very time consuming and you may have to pay for a repair or a replacement. But if nothing else works, this could be the only thing you can do!

9. Get An External Keyboard If Necessary

If fixing your keyboard isn’t an option for you and you need to use it for work or school related things, then an external keyboard might be the perfect option for you. An external keyboard can be placed on your desk or on a stand and kept there, so you can type whenever you need to.

10. Try Anti-Ghosting Keys

Another common keyboard fix is the use of anti-ghosting keys. These allow you to type two or more keys at once without a problem. This can be extremely helpful, as it will prevent your keyboard from freezing up when you hit the wrong key in a game or a document.

11. Clean Your Keypad (If Necessary)

If the problem is not caused by your keypad but instead has to do with your buttons, then you might want to check on any dirt or debris that may be stuck underneath the button itself. A quick wipe with a wet cloth can fix this problem.

12. Check Your Gaming Keyboards

If your keyboard is freezing because of software or if it is caused by your keys, then there’s a much higher chance that it can be fixed by checking out the manufacturer’s website to see what type of troubleshooting you can do. This will help you solve your problem quickly and get back to gaming.

If none of these things work, you may want to contact the manufacturer directly and see how much they will charge for repairs or replacements. You may also have to pay for shipping costs if there is any damage on the keyboard or keys themselves.

13. Search For The Issue

If none of these things work, you may want to search through the internet for your keyboard’s problem. This can be extremely helpful if you have a multilingual keyboard where the keys are in different languages.

Using the “keyboard language” button located on your keyboard (usually F8 or F10), you can change the language of your keyboard to get back to business without any freezing down. 

14. Fix Sticky Keys

If you are using a Windows based computer, you can fix sticky keys by looking for the “Sticky Keys” options in your Control Panel. This will help prevent your keyboard from freezing and allow you to type without a problem. If there is a software related problem with your keyboard, then it is vital that you download and install updates in order to fix the issue.

Simply go to your internet browser’s updates section and press the update button to get the latest and most updated version of whatever program you are trying to use with your keyboard.

Keyboard freezes can be quite frustrating but they don’t need to be. If your keyboard keeps freezing, try out some of the above tips and see if that helps your problem!

Why Does My Keyboard Keep Freezing? Final Thoughts

Don’t worry, even if you do have to get a new keyboard, there are plenty to choose from out there. The above solutions on why does my keyboard keep freezing will help you resolve all your keyboard problems. 

Good luck!

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