Why Do Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys

Why Do Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys? (Advantages and Disadvantages)

The keys on a keyboard are not all the same size, which is why you can find gaming keyboards with tall keys. Gamers use gaming keyboards, so they have a few additional features than a regular computer keyboard.

They provide better performance and make it easier to hit specific keys while playing games or typing quickly.

Many people see this as an advantage since they aren’t used to typing at such high speeds, but it has several benefits that people don’t always realize when buying another type of keyboard for their home or office.

Why Do Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys? 

When you buy a gaming keyboard, the default height is often too short to suit you. Many manufacturers consider this, elevating the price of their keyboards to compensate for this.

The tall essential design is also supposed to improve your accuracy and enhance gameplay by giving you more space on a keyboard.

That said, not everyone who uses a high-end mechanical keyboard will appreciate the extra height added to the keys. Others prefer standard-sized keyboards with shorter critical travel distances.

5 Advantages of Having Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards

Many advantages come with having a gaming keyboard with critical heights higher than usual. By being able to use taller keys, it is possible to improve your game-playing performance. That said, here are some of the best reasons you should consider getting a keyboard with high-quality tall keys on it.

1. More Comfort

The most apparent advantage of taller keys is that you will be more comfortable using them. This is because they are more ergonomically designed and have more excellent rebounds. This means that they will not feel as hard as they do on shorter keyboards when you press down on them.

2. Better Ergonomics

Ergonomics is the science of designing products and systems to fit human anatomy and needs. Having taller keys gives you better ergonomics and makes it easier for your hands to type on the keyboard.

More elevated keys make the whole experience better for your fingers and hands because their movement will be more accessible when ordering, making it easier for everyone in your household to use the keyboard comfortably.

3. You Can Easily Type in the Dark

The height of the keys is an essential factor to consider when choosing a gaming keyboard. Having high-profile keys will make it possible for you to type in the dark, especially if you are playing games requiring long periods on the keyboard.

This is important because most keyboards only have lighted keys, which means that you won’t be able to see what you are typing unless there is some form of lighting available. High-profile keys will give you total access to your gaming keyboard and let you know what you are typing without any problems.

4. You Can Use Your Wrists More Naturally

If there are tall keys on your gaming keyboard, this will allow for more natural wrist movement than if there were no tall keys on the board.

This means that instead of having to bend over and stretch out your arm as much as possible, which can cause soreness in your wrists and arms, you can now rest them comfortably on top of the board instead of having them bent over entirely so far away from where they should be.

4. The Keys are Not Limited to a Single Key Length

The critical widths of most gaming keyboards are limited to about 4 inches due to the shape of the keys. This is normal for keyboards and can be a bit limiting for those who like to use their keyboard for more than just typing.

A taller keyboard allows you to use the same key layout on your keyboard while still having enough space to add additional buttons and even change the size of your keys, if necessary.

5. You Can Use Your Keyboard in Any Situation

A tall keyboard will give you a better view of what is happening on your screen while you play or work on other applications. If you have a laptop, this can mean not having to open it up every time you want to use it, especially if there is no room in front of it.

You can also extend your keyboard out further away from the screen so that when you do open up your laptop, there is still plenty of room for other things like files and programs that need immediate access, as well as being able to see everything clearly without having to lean over too far or craning your neck too much.

2 Disadvantages of Having Tall Keys on Gaming Keyboards

Everyone who owns a gaming keyboard knows that big keys are essential for fast and precise typing. But did you know there are also a lot of disadvantages to having such robust keycaps?

When you take into consideration the fact that when we play games, we generally want to sit in an ergonomic position while using our keyboards, having keys that are too tall can be a problem.

1. Tall Keys Are Difficult To Type

The height of the keys on a keyboard is directly proportional to its size. For example, a standard keyboard has keys about 1 centimeter tall, whereas a gaming keyboard has about 2 centimeters tall.

This makes it difficult for people with small hands to type on these keyboards because they need to stretch their fingers as far as possible to reach the keys.

2. You Cannot Use Both Hands at Once

Another disadvantage of tall keys is that they make it difficult for you to use both hands simultaneously while typing on them.

If your hands are too short or even if they’re not long enough, then you may not be able to reach some of the keys easily without stretching your fingers outwards or using your thumb instead of your index finger to hit those keys (which will cause less accuracy).

Why Do Gaming Keyboards Have Tall Keys? Wrapping Up

Gaming keyboards offer several distinct advantages for gamers who prefer ergonomic keyboards (with their tall, widely spaced keys) over more traditional designs.

First and foremost, numerous keys are usually isolated onto one or two large separate “pads,” making it easier to find the key you are aiming for when you are in the middle of a heated game of Counterstrike or League of Legends.

It also allows for larger buttons that make it easier to locate their function without having to look while you are moving quickly down a cluttered battlefield.

Other advantages include adjustable feedback and execution via software. Detachable wrist rests, macro keys, and multimedia controls are all possible with the right keyboard. In conclusion, the right keyboard can make all the difference in your game.

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