How To Connect A Keyboard To An Android Phone

How to Connect a Keyboard to an Android Phone? (3 Best Methods Revealed!)

In the last few years, the hardware and software used in android phones has improved to a large extent and they are comparable to desktops and laptops in terms of features, CPU processing power and prices.

However, one of the main problems while using an android phone is that it is very inconvenient to use the phone for typing longer paragraphs or articles.

In this article, we will teach you how to connect a keyboard to an android phone by using 3 different methods!

Since most people always carry their android phone with them everywhere, the phone is compact in size. Hence both the phone screen and the corresponding phone keyboard are very also small in size, making it difficult to use, since the wrong key is often accidentally pressed while typing.

This greatly increases the typing errors while using the android phone.

Many people who have invested a large amount purchasing an expensive android phone, do not want to invest a similar amount in purchasing a quality laptop or desktop hence they are looking for a cost effective solution which will allow them to use a larger keyboard with the android phone.

Some of the methods which will help a person who wishes to find out how to connect a keyboard to an android phone are discussed below.

3 Best Ways to Connect a Keyboard to an Android Phone

1. Using USB OTG cable

Most computer and android users have used a wired computer keyboard earlier. The wired keyboard usually has a USB connector. Android phones have a USB C-port which is used for charging the phone.

This port can also be used for connecting the USB keyboard with the help of a USB On the Go(OTG) connector. The USB OTG connector type may vary depending on the specific model of the Android phone.

So it is advisable to search for the part number of the USB OTG cable for the Android phone which will be used for typing, before purchasing the USB- OTG cable . This will prevent waste of time and money.

After the USB-OTG cable is available, the android phone can be connected to the external USB keyboard. The procedure for activating the external keyboard will vary significantly depending on the model of the smartphone which is being used.

In some smartphones, there is an option for activating the keyboard using the USB OTG storage option. In other smartphones, the User should go to the System menu, and select the Languages and Input settings.

In this there is an option for Virtual keyboard and a physical keyboard. If a keyboard is connected the keyboard will be automatically detected. In other cases, the user will get the message not connected.

So it is advisable to check the exact model of the Android phone before connecting the USB wired keyboard. 

2. Using a Wireless Bluetooth keyboard

Another way to connect an Android phone to a larger keyboard for typing is by using a Bluetooth keyboard. There are a large variety of Bluetooth keyboards which are available for use with android phones and other gadgets.

One of the main considerations while choosing the Bluetooth keyboard is the size of the keyboard. These keyboards are available in three different sizes, small, medium and large.

While the smaller Bluetooth keyboards will usually cost less, users should be aware that it is often inconvenient to type on a smaller keyboard.

Other factors which the user should consider while purchasing the Bluetooth keyboard is the power consumption, battery life and range of the keyboard.

It is better to purchase a keyboard with low power consumption and long battery life so that the user does not have to recharge or replace the keyboard battery repeatedly.

For connecting the Bluetooth keyboard to the android phone, it should be kept in the vicinity and switched on. The settings option of the Android phone has a device connection option showing Bluetooth.

The default option for Bluetooth is usually off. To connect the Bluetooth keyboard, Bluetooth should be enabled on the Android phone. After Bluetooth is enabled, all the Bluetooth devices in the vicinity will be displayed.

The Bluetooth keyboard should be selected to establish a connection, and after the connection is established, the keyboard can be used for typing on the android phone. 

3. Using a WiFi connection and WiFi Keyboard

If the user does not want to invest additional money in purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard or OTG cable for connecting his conventional keyboard to the Android phone, he can use the WiFi connection to type on the Android phone using his computer and keyboard.

There are some apps available like WiFi Keyboard, which allow a user to type on the computer and get the typed information transferred to the android phone using the WiFi connection available.

The first step in using WiFi keyboard is downloading and installing the app on the android phone. After this the user should modify the settings of the input devices on the android phone and set WiFi keyboard as the default keyboard for input to the android phone. 

The WiFi keyboard app should be opened and it will provide the web addresses which have to be used for typing on the computer browser.

The user can then open these addresses on his computer browser, and whatever he types at these addresses will automatically appear on the screen of the android phone. However it is not possible to preview the text on the phone.

Also the app can consume a lot of battery power so it should be disabled immediately when the user does not require it.

How to Connect a Keyboard to an Android Phone? Conclusion

Many people have purchased the latest Android phones with powerful processors. However these people find that the android phone is inconvenient for typing larger articles due to the small size of the android keypad.

The most convenient way to increase the typing speed and accuracy on an android phone is by connecting an external keyboard. If the user has a OTG to USB cable, he can use it to connect a USB keyboard to the Android phone.

Alternately if a Bluetooth keyboard is available it can also be used for typing on the Android phone after establishing a connection. Using apps the WiFi connection can also be used to type on the android using a keyboard and computer with browser.

Depending on your budget, you can choose any of these options.

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