how long do logitech keyboards last

How Long Do Logitech Keyboards Last? (6 Top Longevity Factors!)

Most people who spend a lot of time writing or typing use an external keyboard with their computer or laptop since they can type faster and are less likely to make mistakes .

Logitech is one of the top rated brands of keyboards worldwide, so many keyboard buyers would like to find out how long Logitech keyboards last, so that they can choose a keyboard accordingly.

The lifespan of a keyboard depends on a large number of factors, which are discussed in detail to help the keyboard buyer take the right decision based on his specific requirement. 

If are looking to buy a Logitech keyboard, you may ask yourself, “how long do Logitech keyboards last?” We reveal 6 factors that effect just how long they can last!

6 Factors Affecting the Lifespan of Logitech Keyboards

1. Type

Like all keyboard manufacturers, Logitech manufactures wireless as well as wired keyboards and there are significant differences in the design of these keyboards.

The wireless keyboards are usually connected to the computer using Bluetooth connection, and use AA batteries as a power source.

Depending on how frequently the keyboard is used, the battery will get drained over a period of time. If the battery is used daily for two hours, the batteries will last for three months for some models.

In case the keyboard is used extensively for eight to ten hours daily, the batteries may last for only 15-20 days, after which they have to be replaced or recharged.

Some gaming keyboards are back-lit for illumination, and the battery life for these wireless keyboards is usually less. The wireless keyboards are also more likely to get hacked, and this may reduce the life of the keyboard.

2. Number of keystrokes

Probably the main factor which affects the life of the Logitech keyboard is the number of hours daily the keyboard is being used. Some people use their computer only for checking their email or online transactions for a few hours daily, so their keyboard can be used for more than five years.

In other cases, writers, web designers, online workers may use their keyboard for 8-10 daily for typing and other activities on their computer or laptop.

Like other products, Logitech has designed the keyboard for a certain number of keystrokes, for the cheaper models of Logitech keyboards, the keyboard is designed for five million keystrokes. 

After the keyboard has been used for a large number of keystrokes, for writing or typing for a longer time duration, the performance of the keyboard is usually adversely affected.

In some cases, the keystroke will not get recorded accurately or in other cases, the user will have to apply additional pressure to ensure that the keystroke is correctly recorded.

In other cases, the lettering on the keyboard will fade, making it difficult to correctly locate a specific key. So though the keyboard is functioning, more time will be required for typing on an older keyboard, so it is better to get it replaced. 

3. Typing style 

The life of the keyboard also depends on the typing style of the user, the amount of pressure which is applied on the keyboard while using it. In some cases, individuals who are under great stress or very angry due to factors beyond their control may apply more force on the keyboard when they use it.

Specifically the space bar key is being used repeatedly, and some users apply more force on the key. Since the space-bar key is usually the largest key on the keyboard, it will often develop cracks or break into two or more pieces.

Since there is only one space bar key on the keyboard, it is not possible to use the keyboard again, especially if it used for writing.

Some users apply so much pressure on the space-bar key that it breaks within one month, and has to be replaced with a new keyboard. Normal users who do not apply much pressure on the keyboard, can usually use their keyboard for at least one year.

4. Quality 

Logitech like other keyboard manufacturers has a wide range of keyboard models, which differ in their design, quality of components which are used. The best designed keyboards are usually more expensive and use better quality material.

For example the durability of the keys depends on the grade and thickness of the plastic which is used, if the plastic is brittle, it will break faster.

Mechanical keyboards use expensive high quality components, so they will usually last for a longer time period compared to the standard keyboards from Logitech.

One of the best indications of the quality of the keyboard is the warranty offered by Logitech on the keyboard model.

For low end keyboard models, Logitech is offering a warranty of one year on the keyboard, while for the more expensive keyboards, often used by gamers, a three year warranty is offered, since top quality design and components are used.

5. User habits

Like all electronic items, the life of the keyboard depends on how well it is being maintained.

If water or other liquids are spilled on the keyboard, when it is being used or even when switched off, the keyboard could be affected if the fluid is not removed completely and the keyboard is not dried properly.

Similarly if the keyboard falls from a height or a hard object hits the keyboard, one or more keys may get damaged.

Also the keyboard user should ensure that his or her hands are cleaned properly and dry while using the keyboard, so that dirt and moisture is not transferred to the keyboard, which may adversely affect the keyboard electronics.

If the keyboard is kept outside for a longer time without covering it, dust may accumulate adversely affecting its functioning. 

6. Hacking

Some keyboard users are targeted by hackers due to different reasons, and these hackers often modify the computer settings, so that the keyboard is not recognized or is not typing properly.

Usually the hackers do not change any settings on the keyboard, though the keyboard may not work with a specific computer due to the change in the windows registry or BIOS settings. 

How Long Do Logitech Keyboards Last? Conclusion

So for those who wish to find out how long Logitech keyboards last, the answer varies, in case of accident in which the electronics is damaged, the keyboard may last for one week or less, and if the keyboard is maintained properly and not used regularly it can be used for more than ten years.

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